Bill Walton is retarded

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Bill Walton is retarded

Some of the things he has been saying so far in the UCLA game
"Shabazz isnt a good athlete, its his extreme skill level that separates him."
"Pressey is the best point guard in the country"
"Speed is a physical thing, quickness is entirely mental"

Search 'Jon Barry and bill walton love vince carter' on youtube and he says
"Only cynics and the depressed dislike vince"

I want to stab him

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he is definitely one of the

he is definitely one of the worst announcer in all sports IMO. he is so dramatic and i have a hard time understanding how someone could play the game of basketball, yet still make the comments that he makes.

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Bill Walton is a legend.

Bill Walton is a legend. Incredibly insightful and absolutely hilarious!

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You got to have a dry sense

You got to have a dry sense of humor not to enjoy walton's each is own, but him and clyde bring something different to the game that i thoroughly respect and

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