Biggest Bust Of All-Time

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Biggest Bust Of All-Time

Who do you guys think was the biggest bust of all-time. The first guy that comes to my mind is Michael Olowokandi, still to this day I have no idea why the Clips chose him. Do you guys agree or got somebody else.

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I agree

The Kandi man is probably the most well known but there r alot of others. Kwame Brown, Darko Milicic, Nikoloz Tskitishvili and though injuries had alot to do with it I would consider Shawn Livingston a bust. As of now I would also consider greg oden a bust, however he still has alot of time to prove himself, but it looks like Durant was more worthy of going number 1!!!

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Kwame Brown

Its hard not to argue Kwame...#1 overall pick turns into a bad backup. Can't think of anything worse.

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I Agree

Kwame Brown is the biggest bust of them all

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Sam Bowie

Sam Bowie they picked this bum over Jordan.Yes I agree Oden might be the new Sam Bowie they should have picked Durant how can you make the same mistake twice Blazers. Not saying Durant is the new Jordan but he's the next big time player coming up in the league

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The pistons could have had a number of great players in the first round and they get the worst. He was suppose to be the next Dirk??? They could have had: Mello, Bosh, Wade, Ford, Hinrich, David West, Boris Diaw, Outlaw, Barbosa, Josh Howard, Kapono and that’s not even all of the better players

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In my time of watching basketball prolly 10 or so years he's the biggest bust in my mind. A lot of it has to do with the very good players picked after him, Carter,Bibby, Jamison, Pierce, Nowitzki. I think Brown was a huge bust but to me the '01 draft was a joke as far as possible #1 picks, although a lot of players turned out to be better than Brown at the time theres was no clear #1. Gasol is the main miss in that draft and Chandler and Curry turned out to be better options than Brown as well.

Also what about Jay Williams, I mean obviously he had that horrible self inflicting injury but he was a fantastic college player who only played one season in the pros. Sad that we couldn't see what type of player he could of turned into in the pros.

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The Kandiman is the biggest

The Kandiman is the biggest one, where is he now? lol

At least Kwame Brown and Millicic are still on NBA teams.

As for the Millicic pick by the Pistons in 03, didn't really matter at that point as they won the Championship that season >_<

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I think it has to be

I think it has to be Olowokandi. Like D7H7N said, at least Darko and Kwame are still in the league as serviceable backup players. Darko will stick around. He shouldn't have been the no. 2 pick but he's still an NBA player. Olowokandi is at the age where most NBA players are starting to come into their prime and where is he.....? For all I know, he could be smoking crack watching daytime TV somewhere.

I think there are 3 different kinds of busts-

1. Players that get injured
2. Players that have high expectations which are never lived up to
and 3. Players that just downright are too bad at basketball to stay in the league

Category 1 bust players are hard done by. If a guy gets injured seriously enough to compromise his whole career, it is hardly his fault so I think they are exempt. eg. Sam Bowie, Jay Williams, Shaun Livingston, Dajuan Wagner

Category 2 bust players are a bit worse, although sometimes the expectations put on these players are very unrealistic. Some examples of category 2s are - Shawn Bradley, Eddy Curry, Sheldon Williams, Adam Morrison, JJ Redick, Kwame Brown, Darko Milicic, Robert Traylor, Joe Smith.

Category 3 bust players are possibly the worst. If you can't stick around for even a few years, you know you are a huge dissappointment. Some examples are- Nikoloz Tskitishvili, Rafael Araujo, Michael Olowokandi, Mike Sweetney, Saer Sene, Marcus Fizer, Rodney White, Bryant Reeves, Sharone Wright.

I think the biggest bust ever has to be picked in the first few picks, so that eliminates some of the above names like Sweetney, Sene and Rodney White. I think injuries are not the players' fault and can't be forseen by teams that are drafting so that eliminates some more. If they stick around in the league for a long time as a solid (but not great) player, I feel it is unfair to call them the biggest bust ever, so that gets rid of a few more players on the list like Joe Smith, Darko and Shawn Bradley. Even Kwame Brown is a pretty decent defender and will stick around the league for a while longer.

I personally think the winner is Olowokandi because-
a) He was the no 1 pick.....OVERALL.
b) He only lasted a few seasons
c) The few seasons he did play he didn't accomplish much
d) He wasn't injured
e) He was by all accounts a nice guy so it wasn't like Isiah Ridered himself out of the league, people wanted to give him a chance but he just sucked too much. Poor guy.

What does everyone else think? Any other names to add to the list that I have forgotten?

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JJ Redick/Joe Smith

I don't think you can call JJ Redick and Joe Smith busts. Redick has found his niche on the magic as a spot up shooter, has improved his D, and his all around game. Joe Smith is a very solid guy that helps his all around team with his pure basketball knowledge.

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