Big Time Tourney Performers

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Big Time Tourney Performers

Which players in the tourney do you see making a name for themselves that may not be on the draft radar right now?
Russ Smith
Kenny Boynton
TJ Warren
Brandon Triche

Which players already on the radar makes their stock skyrocket?
C.J. Leslie
Trey Burke
James Southerland

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I hope Doug McDermott has a really good tourney. He's one Of the most efficient and pure scorers in college basketball. I'm not really a fan of triche or boynton. I've never been a fan of Kenny. He was highly touted coming out of high school but I just never saw him and his skills translating well. I'm actually hoping that cj fair of from Syracuse plays well. He's not that great but he's a highlight reel waiting to happen.

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If Indiana win it all I could

If Indiana win it all I could see Zeller and Oladipo both going in the top 5...

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My picks

Here are a few guys that might benefit from a good tourney showing:
Mike Muscala
Nate Wolters
Zeke Marshall
Elias Harris
Ryan Berggren
Khalif Wyatt

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Awesome list and I'm looking

Awesome list and I'm looking forward to seeing Muscala and Wolters play. Never seen them play, but boy, oh boy, do they put up numbers.

Wolters vs. Burke could be epical! Only issue is that apparently South Dakota State is awful on the defensive end.

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Smith, Boynton and Triche are

Smith, Boynton and Triche are what they are at this point, fringe 2nd rounders. I think Gary Harris can be a big riser though I think he should already be a lottery pick.

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Willy Clyburn Rodney

Willy Clyburn
Rodney McGruder
Mike Muscala ( again )
Lorenzo Brown
Chane Behanan
Tim Hardaway Jr.

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Kendall Williams - New

Kendall Williams - New Mexico

It's time people start to appreciate what he can do...Ridiculous athlete, can go OFF at any time, has to play in a structured and tame offense down in Albuquerque but the guy is awesome...I hope UNM has a good tourney

I'd also love to see Carl Hall from Wichita State and Juvonte Reddic from VCU go big. Those guys are underrated and talented big men.

Wouldn't hurt to see allen crabbe showcase 1st round potential either

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Tony Snell is also very

Tony Snell is also very underrated for Los athlete who can shoot and play D at 6'7.

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I think Michael

I think Michael Carter-Williams has a great opportunity to boost his stock or at least stop his slide in the tournament this year. It got ugly in the 2nd half against Louisville, but he handled the ball pretty well against them, and I feel like he's finally starting to put it all together. Don't think he had any of those patented caught-in-the-air-so-let's-just-throw-it-to-the-other-team turnovers against Georgetown or Louisville, and he seemed to become much more of a leader in the BET; communicating well and putting his teammates in the right positions on offense, somehow making Keita a legit pick-and-roll threat, reducing his 3 pointers from 3 or 4 a game to 0 or 1 a game, and just MUCH better ball movement as a team.

I think Syracuse can make a little run in this tournament so that we might see a Indiana-Syracuse matchup where MCW would have a huge opportunity to prove himself against an elite defender like Oladipo (and supposedly Montana's guard is one of the best defenders in the country too, albeit against far inferior talent).

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