"Big Jaw, Small Jaw": Heat-Pacers Thoughts

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"Big Jaw, Small Jaw": Heat-Pacers Thoughts

1) Ok, I finally realized why Chris Bosh looks so strange. He has a tiny jaw. Dwayne Wade, on the other hand, is well-documented for having a huge jaw. I find this ironic.

2) Speaking of Bosh and Wade, correct me if I'm wrong, but neither of them played FOR THE FIRST 8 MINUTES OF THE FOURTH QUARTER!!! That is incredible! I mean, it was working out well for the Heat, but it was just so surreal!

3) Speaking of Bosh's looks, call me crazy...but he and Sandra Bullock look rather similar around the eyes...

4) When Lebron sat down for the end of the game, Steve Kerr said that Lebron had "no help" from his teammates. What is Mike "I will spot up for that three, but let me touch my flowing hair first" Miller, shopped liver?

5) I think I saw Olympic gold medalist David Boudia in the stands.

6) Could this series be the end of the best days of the "Big Three" Miami Heat era? Wade is losing it and it's almost sad unless you just despise Dwayne Wade. Bosh is being reduced to a stretch 4. Chalmers is really the only young, developable talent of note on this team. And they're not about to get any good draft picks. Maybe I'm talking in the heat (no pun intended!) of the moment, but this could be the beginning of the end for the Lebron-led Heat era of greatness.

7) I love this Pacers team. This has been amazing, but I will save my boasting for when we win Game 7.

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It does beg the question of

It does beg the question of whether Lebron sticks around in Miami or bolts for Cleveland as Cavs fans are hoping.

If the Pacers knock out the Heat, you have to feel like the Heat's hold on the NBA will be over. This isn't a fading Mavericks team staving off father time, it's a young, growing Pacers team who are only going to get better as Miami continues to fade.

Pacers and Paul George have really impressed me - what a difference a year makes, just imagine if Danny Granger was still the first option for this Pacers team?

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im one that actually thinks

im one that actually thinks Granger being out helped George a ton. He was put in the drivers seat and hes done a hell of a job. the Cavs should be a really nice young team by then w the #1 this year and likely a nice pick next year. if i had to put money on it, my guess is that Kyrie Irving will be the best PG in the league in a 2-3 year period it all depends how well Rose does coming off his injury. I don't see Lebron going back to Cleveland tho with everything that took place, but it would be interesting.

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If Lebron really wanted a

If Lebron really wanted a superteam I don't think Bosh and Wade were the right fit for it. Lebron needs a knockdown shooter to spread the floor and a great rebounding center with great post skills. Though I don't think a superteam was the right way to go, I mean why not go to a team with a bunch of good players that play defense really well and really are just missing a superstar or a team that has 1 other superstar and a bunch of other good players? I don't know, I just know these 3 weren't the best fit for each other and Wade just looks horrible. They've relied off bench help every year and any time they didn't get it they lost or Lebron had to go Cavs mode.

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Wade never fit with Lebron. The thing is that even when it is not a perfect fit, it still can be pulled off when Wade is healthy and playing like an all star. When he is not, he is in the way. I think Bosh fits fine with Lebron, but I don't like him as a full time center and you really need someone that is going to help on the boards.

If Lebron had wanted to make the pure basketball decision and win every year he would have joined OKC. They had the money available at that time, it was just one of those things no one would ever have believed would have happened. His other great choice would have been Chicago and he probably would have gotten Bosh over there with him.Going to Miami wasn't a bad decision. They just have a limited window and that's just when you look at the salary situation. So far they have made it to 2 finals and won 1. Most teams would be pretty excited about that and a chance to make it 3. The thing is, if you build the right team around Lebron he can win. He took the Cavs with Ira Newble and Sasha Pavlovic to the finals. Go look at that roster...that wasn't even a decent group.

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Pacers Heat

I would never wish for anyone to get hurt, but I think Granger going down was the best thing for this team going forward. It put George in his natural NBA position and also forced him to take a larger role, while also opening up a chance for Lance to play. Granger peaked a few years ago and has been on a downward trend since. If Granger is healthy then they probably rely too much on him.

Too bad Indiana has no bench. Every guy on the pine for them should probably be an 11th or 12th man on the roster.

I'm surprised it took so long for Miller to get to play. I figured they had been keeping him fresh during the season so he would be healthy for the playoffs. I guess I figured wrong. I would be giving him some of Wade/ Allen's minutes. He can rebound and he shoots. He can't be any more cold than the other two and you really need rebounds against Indiana.

I still think Miami will win, but if Indiana wins it, they have no chance against the Spurs. I think the Grizzlies are a slightly better version of Indiana and the Spurs are going to be rested.

Miami will have to make changes next year no matter what. The problem is that if they go more traditional, Wade is really going to kill the spacing. I don't see Miami ever trading Wade, so I propose Wade get moved to being the 6th man a la Ginobli.

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Ray Allen is a better fit

Ray Allen is a better fit than wade for lebron a style

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@doubledribbler I disagree


I disagree with you that the Pacers are a slightly better version than the Grizzlies and they won't stand a chance against the Spurs. I think the big difference between the Pacers and Grizzlies is Paul George. George is who Memphis HOPED Rudy Gay would be. I also think that David West is better than Zach Randolph. West isn't as predictable. He can go left, right, bang in the low post or play in the high post. He's also a much better defender.

I think the Pacers vs Spurs could go either way. The Heat are the #1 offensive team in the NBA and the Pacers are making them work for every single thing they get. I think it's silly to say the Pacers don't stand a chance against the Spurs.

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Roy "No Homo" Hibbert has

Roy "No Homo" Hibbert has been huge this playoffs, huge enough to have Shaq claim him as the best big man in the game. Personally, I still think that people are discounting Dwight too much. Even though he had an "off" year, he still had a very good statistical year. I haven't really seen much of Brook Lopez outside of highlights, but I feel like he's up there in the discussion. Joakim Noah and Marc Gasol are both up there as well, and of course DeMarcus Cousins would easily be top 3 IMO if he gets his act together (which I hope he does, I'm a bigger fan of his than aamir lol). Does anyone think Hibbert will be able to do be the best big man in the league in the coming years, if you don't think he is already?

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With the play of Roy Hibbert

With the play of Roy Hibbert and Marc Gasol in these playoffs im hoping we see a revitalization of the big skilled 2 way post player that I loved in the 90's

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