A Better Situation?

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A Better Situation?

So me an my friend were having an argument about this:

He said he would rather be a Starter In Junior Varsity. And i said being a backup in Varsity not getting alot of minutes was still better. His argument was it was useless to work hard in practice and not be getting alot of playing time. Also the JV and Varsity practice together. My argument was, you get better playing better people, Though you dont get alot of PT i think it is still better. I compared it to being a Star in The D-League or Being a Backup on the NBA. (We're both Freshmen)

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I think it depends on the

I think it depends on the person.

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it really depends on the

it really depends on the person... for me for example i skipped my whole senior season of bball, i chose not to try out becuz i knew i would get a hole lot better playing against guys who u way better than me. the league my school plays in for bball is not strong at all... i knew what position i would play if i had made the team to, center, tho im not a center in any way possible... i played rec ball at a university... ive played against some reallly good competition, which in the end makes you better, trust me. but idk bout ur friend... how good is your school's team

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I agree with Vegeta above

I agree with Vegeta above there. It depends on the person. If it is a person who performs better because they receive accolades (ie: teams leading scorer or something along those lines) then I would say JV as it would not hinder their further work ethic. If you are motivated by not playing, then varsity is the route you want to take because then you constantly are trying to prove yourself which in turn can only make you better with the correct mindset and effort.

I guess my point here is some people are mentally weak and only work when they are being rewarded (Playing time, scoring points, the JV guy). The good players are motivated by previous failures and greater challenges (varsity guy). They have the better mindset and ethic. Also, playing against better competition will always make you better than if you were to play against equal/lesser talent.

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Of course you get better when you play better players. But do you get better by sitting on the bench? I would much rather start on jv ball and prove myself to the coaches that i should get moved up to varsity. You can also learn how to be a better leader in jv if you are starting. And since both teams practice together you can show your just as good or more deserving to start on varsity. It does depend on the person. Both ways have its pros and cons.

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I did both this year, I would

I did both this year, I would start for JV, but ride pine for varsity and the latter wasnt too bad. Because im a sophmore I got in with garbage time to raise those stats

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