Better Duo: Anthony Davis / Jrue Holliday or KAT / Jimmy Butler?

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Better Duo: Anthony Davis / Jrue Holliday or KAT / Jimmy Butler?

Both of these duo's are very comparable on paper. Anthony Davis a consensus top 5-6 player in the league, Jimmy Butler a consensus top 15-17 player in the league, KAT quickly ascending to similar ranks, and Jrue Holliday quietly becoming one of the best 2-way guards in the West last season. Highlighted by his all-defensive 1st team selection.

So my question to the forum is this, which duo (next season) will have a greater impact on team success? Today it seems that the Pelicans are projected to finish slighly ahead of the Wolves in the standings..... but that could certainly change if Butler stays healthy & plays 75+ games. He's in a contract year.

I'm very hopeful that all of these 4 players have healthy seasons. The wolves & pelican's best case scenarios (win / loss) are 50+ wins..... and they play a pretty exciting brand of basketball for the fans. But the West is ridiculously loaded, with only 2-3 teams clearly out of playoff consideration.

So, which duo do you guys think will propel their respective teams to more wins next season?

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Davis and Jrue are better and

Davis and Jrue are better and will get more wins even though the Wolves have more depth. Jrue is very underrated, back to being better than when he made the ASG

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I’d rather have davis and

I’d rather have davis and holiday and I don’t think it’s a particularly tough decision. For one, I feel davis is far and away the best overall player of the 4 right now. Even though towns is a very talented young big who is only likely to get better, if we are just talking who is likely to have a greater impact on team success next season it’s davis over towns by a wide margin.

Butler is the more established and arguably better player than holiday, but I feel holiday as a second option compliments Davis’s game more than butler does towns. The davis/holiday duo just works better because there is a clear pecking order, whereas there is kind of a power struggle going on between butler and towns (in more ways than one). Holiday and davis actually make each other better playing together. I don’t really get that sense with butler and towns, although I think they could if both were willing to transform their games a bit.

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I rather have KAT and Butler

I rather have KAT and Butler

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Depends on what is around them....

A better comp would be Steven Adams and Westbrook vs A.D and Jrue as they are both a big and a P.G if you were doing just a straight who would you sort of thing.As you have a top 5 position player in A.D(depends if you believe he is a PF or C)and Westbrook and you have a player who is valuable to their respective teams in Jrue and Steven A...

KAT and Butler vs A.D and Jrue is not really fair for 2 reasons:

T-wolves have a deeper overall team and the T-wolves organization is a little bit better run and hasn't given to many dumb deals just yet...Pelicans paying Asik was dumb+ the overpays in F.A 2016 and then giving up on cousins that quick is sort of head scratching...They should have at least given him a 1 year make good sort of deal vs T-wolves who haven't done that yet(Butler could bail though..)

This is without mentioning A.D's fragile games played record..

But if I had to choose for next season: KAT and Butler for the following reasons.

Butler contract year will be motivated to ball out.

KAT will want to prove to Thibs he can be more assertive on both sides of the court..

Butler will want Thibs to do well.

KAT will want to prove he is worth the MAX money he will be getting paid.

KAT may want to show last playoffs was a mistake


A.D could break down as he has in the past and no Cousins to legit spell him.

Jrue is also injury prone.

Both aren't in contract years meaning there may not be as much motivation there..

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A.D. and Drue..they have

A.D. and Drue..they have better chemistry and AD plays D!

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I think Davis and Holiday are

I think Davis and Holiday are the better duo, at very least there are no reports that they don't like each other, but Minnesota will probably finish ahead of them. Butler missed 23 games, and they finished one game behind them. If people get past the names and history with Minnesota, I think one has to look at Derrick Rose and Luol Deng being on the veteran's minimum as being a good thing for this coming season. Beyond this season, however, Minnesota is in a much dicier spot. If Davis decided to ask for a trade, New Orleans would still get a king's ransom because he is signed through 2020-21. If Butler leaves as a free agent next summer, Minnesota is just bad, expensive, and holding a lot of money and years left with Wiggins and Dieng.

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If Jrue is sound I have to go

If Jrue is sound I have to go AD and Jrue. Jimmy is a better player than Jrue but the gap between AD and KAT is bigger IMO.

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