Best Paying Teams in the World

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Best Paying Teams in the World

It's not basketball material, but I found it to be an interesting list, so I figure I'll share it to you guys. Certainly a lot of surprises among this list.

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Magic number 5

Its ashame. The team HAS spent money and wants to keep Dwight but unfortunately they have overspent on players who didn't deserve it... pretty interesting list though. I dont follow a lot of soccer but my friends that do explain it to me and they keep saying the bench plaers on Barcelona and Real Madrid are better than the MLS all-stars hahahaa

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Regarding the MLS and those

Regarding the MLS and those two teams, its not even close. The bench players on Barca and Real are usually stars in their own home country. Some of those teams benches hold some amazing talent. Somewhat similar to how a guy like Klieza can be so effective for his country yet is reduced to a bench role in the NBA.

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