Best fantasy team of all time

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Best fantasy team of all time

I know there are many similar topic in this forum but have you ever wondered about how different players influance of each other? For example Isiah Thomas would be never good fit with MJ no matter how these two was good there is no chance that team with players who do not like each other would be winning.

It's easy to mention 5 the best players of all time maybe 1 or 2 spots would be debatable:

  1. Magic
  2. Jordan
  3. Lebron/Bird(?)
  4. Duncan
  5. Hakeem/Shaq/Kareem(?)

My point is - If this team is really the best team of all time ?

I doubt becouse there is no chance that Magic, Jordan and Lebron would reach they full potential when they would have to share the ball with each other. Also with 3 point shooting becoming more and more important in today's game playing with no true shooter would be paintfull. Furthermore Tim Duncan with his excellent low post ability but avarange athleticism would not fit well in this team fast style of play.

That's why I created my own Best team of all time taking influance factor into consideration:

PG Magic - hard choice cause I really doubt if he would handle with today's super fast and athletic comboguards. But He is the best playmaker of all time, his huge size would create many mismatches also is very choachable and making good team chemistry guy.

SG MJ - there is no need to explain his choice.

SF Kevin Durant - Though one but I think he would be just perfect fit among Magic and MJ. His scoring ability would be deadly.

PF KG - Also not easy pick but he got everything what this team needs - Inside presece, speed and athleticism.

C Hakeem - Wondered if chose Hakeem or Kareem(because of Magic) but my team needs his low post ability and interior defence.


Kareem - Offensive force, with Magic one of the best duos in NBA history

Chris Paul - Answer for today's super fast comboguards. Flor General and excellent passer.

Lebron - His versality to play 1-4 positions, power and defence ability.

What is your opinion? Is there any team that would beat mine?

I'm sorry for my raw english :)

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