Best 5 Players at each position in 5 years.

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Best 5 Players at each position in 5 years.

Give a list of the best 5 players in order at each position that you for see in 5 years.


1. Andre Drummond - Too strong and athletic for anyone to stop him. Develops skills to augment that power. As close to Shaq as anyone will get.

2. Joel Embiid - Starting to fulfill his potential stays health and becomes a solid 2 way center.

3. Demarcus Cousins - Getting older and less athletic but more skilled. Finally stays out of trouble. Probably gets traded before this to a big money team like the Nets or Mavs.

4. Nik Vucevic - I think he'll probably end up on another team by then but will still be an offensive stud.

5. Deandre Ayton - Yes, I think hes going to be an impact stud from day one. So I'll make this prediction this far in advanced.


1. Anthony Davis - Future Hall of Famer like most predicted. Wins an MVP or two. Pelicans become consistent contenders.

2. Blake Griffin - Some how becomes even better with a declining Chris Paul.

3. Giannis Adetokoubo - I think at someone point he'll be utilized as a point forward, considered a SG, but ultimately I believe this is where he'll end up.

4. Derrick Favors - Skills catch up with athleticism. Works great in the P&R with Exum.

5. Kevin Love - Eventually moves to LA. Good player but never again what he was in Minny.


1. Kevin Durant - Obvious. Finally wins some championships.

2. Andrew Wiggins - Starts looking alot like Tracy Mcgrady but actually win and stays healthy.

3. Lebron James - Declining with age but still unstoppable. Some younger players will catch up though.

4. Paul George - Can't ever get the supporting cast he needs but still carries the Pacers for 5 years.

5. Jabari Parker - Becomes Carmelo with out the attitude.


1. James Harden - Another one that doesnt need explaining.

2. Dante Exum - Becomes young later of the Jazz and turns a group of young players in to a force.

3. Victor Oladipo - Starts to amp up his game post numbers like d wade.

4. Bradley Beal - Him and Wall make up the best back court in the league.

5. Josh Jackson - Shows up from day one. Reminds a lot of people of Kobe, with less drive.


1. John Wall - Becomes what D-Rose would have been with out the injuries.

2. Stephen Curry - Player built around skill gets more skillful with age.

3. Russell Westbrook - Stays with Durant to win a title despite constant media shenanigans hanging over them playing together for years.

4. Kyrie Irving - Becomes main option for the Cavs.

5. Damian Lillard - Carries the Blazers even after Aldridge is slowing down.

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I think you might be overrating Drummond a bit. Shaq is a once in a lifetime big man and basketball player. He absolutely dominated the league right out of the gate. I see Drummond as more of a DeAndre Jordan type, with perhaps a bit more offensive prowess. Pretty good defender, volume rebounder, athletic, etc.

DeMarcus Cousins will only be 29 in 5 years. I think he will be pretty stinking monstrous, perhaps even moreso than now. And sorry, but "finally stays out of trouble" is rather short-sighted. I'm not here to argue that he is the nicest guy ever, but I think a lot of the time his passion for the game gets mistaken for attitude and maturity problems. He does pick up quite a bit of technicals annually, but he isn't really a dirty player or a huge jerk off of the court.

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PG only

in the season of 2019/20



2 Russell

3 lillard

4 Payton

5 Mudiay

5a Briscoe

Irving,Curry,Rose,Westbrook,Wall if any are still in the league will remain in top 10 maybe 1 will still be in top 5.

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Giannis Adetokoubo - I think

Giannis Adetokoubo - I think at someone point he'll be utilized as a point forward, considered a SG, but ultimately I believe this is where he'll end up.

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