Best "10th man" in NBA

Best "10th man" in NBA

Ok so not the most serious topic, but it gives a chance to recognise the best role players in the NBA that aren't getting big minutes. By 10th man, I'm basically referring to someone who gives great minutes off the bench as a backup, but wouldn't expect more than 15 minutes a game.

My Nominations

Steve Adams - Rookie who backs up Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins for OKC and rebounds at a crazy rate. Also leaves other bigs with more than a few bruises

Patty Mills - Scores 10 pts in limited minutes for the Spurs and shoots 3s from the corner at a high percentage

Psycho T - His name says it all. He doesn't care if he gets boo'd and always has his teammates back's. He gets under the oppositions skin and draws fouls like crazy. He's the player you love to hate.

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phil pressey

phil pressey

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