Ben Simmons

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Ben Simmons

LSU has just landed top 5 class of 2015 recruit multi talented forward Ben Simmons. Thoughts?

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Interesting choice. Maybe

Interesting choice. Maybe because of being a foreigner he's kinda naive about the landscape of college basketball so he went with familiarity. Seems like a pretty hasty decision based on his lack of other visits, but hey, I won't knock it. LSU had a lot of things going for them in the recruitment battle, signing his teammate and the trump card being Simmons' godfather on the staff.
IDK much about Jonny Jones in terms of his X's and O's or coaching style, but I know that he sure can recruit.

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Why does this website compare

Why does this website compare him to Tracey McGrady ? In the games that I've seen him play he was far from looking like Tracey McGrady... I don't think LSU was a good decision. Who does LSU really have on their coaching staff that can prepare this kid for the pros. He's not going to learn much.

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Says a large reason why he

Says a large reason why he chose LSU was because his godfather is an assistant there

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He is no T-Mac but the kid is

He is no T-Mac but the kid is legit. If you haven't seen him play, fix it. He is a pleasure to watch but i think he projects as a Danny Granger type player. He may end up being a PF too. 6'8 ish at 16, nice shooting stroke, great body for adding bulk, and below average handle, he could grow and end up at 6'10 and that would make him a match up nightmare..

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An article came out about a

An article came out about a month ago saying he has grown 2 inches and is about 6'10 now.

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I haven't seen much of Ben

I haven't seen much of Ben play, but saw heaps of his dad in his playing days. His dad was a tough, strong and hard working power forward. Maybe Ben might fill out more like his dad...

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