Ben Hansbrough

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Ben Hansbrough

Ben Hansbrough is Tyler Hansbrough brother. Those who dont know him he plays for Notre Dame and is a more than decent player. I think he averages about 15 points and 4 assists a game while Notre Dame is 11-1 and facing Georgetown tonight. For those who have seen him play do you think he is pro material. I think that he could be a 2nd round draft pick. I think he would be a perfect player to spend some time in the d-league and hopefully make an nba roster one day

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Yeah, it's his brother, his

Yeah, it's his brother, his game reminds me of Mike Gansey who used to play at WVU. I don't think he is draft worthy, but I agree with you that he could be a guy that could start in the D-League and work his way up.

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i dont think hes pro

i dont think hes pro material.... as of now, he isnt... he is a very good spot up shooter and set shooter, he brings intensity to i think a really underrated ND team... he not very atheletic or explosive... but, he can have a great career in europe or d-league...

wish the best of luck for him

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