Be a GM - What would you give up for Andrea Bargnani?

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Be a GM - What would you give up for Andrea Bargnani?

Alright everyone. You're all NBA GM's. Andrea Bargnani is on the trade block. Be your hometown/favorite team's GM. What would you offer (if anything at all)?

Stat line from last year:

Andrea Bargnani 7' 250lbs. 26 years old

21.4 ppg 5.2 rpg 1.8 apg .448 fg% .345 3p%

It's hard to gauge value for your own team's players

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As a Warriors fan, I would

As a Warriors fan, I would offer Udoh, Beidrins (If we don't amnesty him) and a second round pick. Wouldn't give up anymore than that. But if he has continued to improve and can put up 25-26 a game, than that would be a different story. I also hope he put on some weight.

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“The ankle is perfect,” Curry

“The ankle is perfect,” Curry said. “I was cleared last week to resume all activities with no limitations but I obviously can’t jump back into playing 48 minutes a night right away. But it’s all been good news, and I’m getting ready for training camp. Rehab was frustrating. For the first two months I couldn’t put any weight on the ankle, and there was a lot of sitting around doing nothing. Once I got the boot off, it was 2-3 hours a day of icing it and some upper body strength work. Eventually I got more active and started to do more lifting and core work and coordination drills.

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Id give up Millsap. Just for the fact we have 3 other bigs, and his shooting would be nice to have.

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