Bait and Trade with Loyal Superstar (Anthony)........

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Bait and Trade with Loyal Superstar (Anthony)........

Quick thought: What if a superstar worked hand in hand with management to update the team's youth, depth and skill.......

For instance lets say Carmelo Anthony tells Nuggets management that he wants to be with the franchise long-term but he is also willing to do whatever it takes to upgrade the talent on the roster. He agrees to be traded from the organization to NJ, but he steadfastly refuses to sign an extension with any team he is traded to. Many teams have already let it be known that they would be willing to trade for Anthony without an extension Anthony spends half of a year with NJ then turns right back around in the off-season and re-signs with Nuggets. All of a sudden the Nuggets have a young stud in Favors, a slew of 1st rd. picks from a bad team, AND Anthony back....... granted NJ's owner may send the Russian mafia to kill Anthony and everyone in the Nuggets organization.......but its food for thought......

As far as I am aware there is no rule against this. If a superstar was truly loyal to a city and team would he do this??

Because that would be one word: Awesome.

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that would be really

that would be really interesting, the only thing is that Jersey wont trade for him until he agrees to sign that extension before he is traded

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lol that would be tight. and crazy.

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"Many teams have already let

"Many teams have already let it be known that they would be willing to trade for Anthony without an extension signed"

If that were true then Melo would already be traded. That is the main reason why so many trades have fallen through that and the Nuggets disinterest in anything New York offers. If the above statement were teams would be proposing trades to the Nuggets every night, and there would be two main front runners instead of just the Nets. But yes, your idea would be sick, but it would never happen because Melo is not loyal. I wish it were true but that's not the case.

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theres nothing illegal as

theres nothing illegal as long as melo and the nuggets didnt have any written agreement that he would return. Nets would be at fault for not getting confirmation about resigning before the trade. And if melo gave a verbal gaurantee that he would sign with NJ and then reneged on it after he got traded, he and his agent would potentially be liable to legal actions by the nets that very likely would hold up in court.

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There are teams that are

There are teams that are willing to trade for Melo even if he don't resign with them like the Mavs and the Magic but the only thing is they aren't willing to give up too much to get Melo if he don't want to resign with them.

And that would be nasty I've always thought what if that would happen before. Last year the Cavs did it with Big Z as he knew all along he was going bacc to the Cavs.

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