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What are Alex Ruoffs (WVU) chances of being drafted? He was working out with NBA players at Tim Grover's ATTACK facility for a week this summer and apparently played pretty well. DaSean Butler was there with him, but will be a junior.

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Ruoff's draft chances

Ruoff has a chance as a specialty shooter. He's got good size, but below average athleticism, and could potentially hang around ala Richie Frahm. Right now he's not projected to get drafted, but having a real NBA asset with his shooting ability gives him a chance.

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I feel that Ruoff will be late first round, early second round draft pick. He is going to produce big numbers and have lots of opportunites to nail lots of threes with Ebanks, Butler, and Mazzula driving and kicking. He will show people that he is a good defender and has average jumping ability with legit speed. He can be a Sasha Pavalic or a Anthony Parker. He has lots of potential and a good upside. He will improve his stock throughout the year and be in the NBA next year.

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Honestly Ruoff will probably spend some time in the D-League and then get called up!!!! He is a fantastic shooter though!!!! I do like his game a lot! And he played on a terrific team that went deep into the tourney last season!

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Teammates Malik Hairston and Maarty Luenen unexpectedly heard their names called but Taylor didn’t.
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Siirler Hikayeler Fikralar Programlar Guzel Sozler Resimler freetemplates Taylor was arguably Oregon’s best player last season, but his 6-foot-4 frame makes him a undersized at the next level. Nonetheless, his scoring ability, length and athleticism give him a chance to make in in the league.

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