Are Thunder in purgatory???

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Are Thunder in purgatory???

As a Thunder fan it pains me to think about this but I'm thinking more and more that they may be stuck as a team that makes the playoffs every year but isn't ever good enough to truly contend with GS, CLE, SA, etc.

It's certainly possible that one or more out of Adams, oladipo, Kanter will develop into an all star caliber player but also possible that none of them ever do. Will Westbrook really want to spend the prime years of his career waiting around to see if any of these young players develop? I certainly wouldn't blame him if he didn't.

At this point, the Thunder don't have any cap room (even if they did, I'm not sure who they would get) and the current pieces they have (obviously sans Westbrook) aren't enough to ring in a player like Paul George, jimmy butler, Demarcus cousins etc.

Should the Thunder trade Westbrook for a package like Bostons 1st round from Brooklyn, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder and a future first? Maybe to another team that can offer something similar? Or should they ride it out with a known superstar and see what happens?

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Yes, yes they are. Their

Yes, yes they are.

Their only hope is hometown Blake Griffin signs

Other than that no one is coming to play with Russ.

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