With apologies to Blazers fans...

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With apologies to Blazers fans...

Meditated States
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So true

Both these guys on the court and healthy would make this team a title contender easily. Neither one of the m were bust, just injuries will more than likely cut these careers short.

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look at the

look at the roster


PG-Andre Miller/Patty Mills/Armon Johnson

SG-Brandon Roy/Wesley Matthews/Elliot Williams

SF-Nicolas Batum/Rudy Fernandez/Luke Babbitt

PF-LaMarcus Aldridge/Dante Cunningham/Sean Marks

C-Greg Oden/Marcus Camby/Joel Przybilla

that is a title contender IMO, thats a team that literally can go 10 deep at any point

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Definitely True

Yeah, it was a great looking roster while it lasted. But, it is back to the drawing board. Even with a healthy Oden, I am pretty sure everyone thought it hinged on Brandon Roy as the main man. He will more than likely (unless a miracle happens) never be even close to the same. The Blazers were indeed a worse team with him on the court this year, the guy is not the same and he can not be a go to player on a winning team anymore. We looked like a great team, we had bigs and depth, but injuries can suck the life out of your team. I am sure the Blazers will be back, because our owner cares about having a competitive team, but it will take time. Championship window seems shut before it even opened. For everyone who claims the Blazers are cursed, you can believe that, but we put together solid ball clubs more often than not and I do not think it is at all the case with this team. $hit happens.

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Are they going to call up

Are they going to call up Elliot Williams now?

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Elliot Williams is out for

Elliot Williams is out for the season.

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I forgot he has an injury

I forgot he has an injury thanks man.

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look on the bright

look on the bright side..everyone is talking about their main players with injuries....but nobody mentions the fact that with all the injuries Nate still has this team in the playoff hunt....So far he's my pick for coach of the year....

They wont win a title without Roy & Oden ,but things could be worst....

Aldridge is playing more aggressively ...Batum offensive game has improved,the front office are looking very smart for signing Matthews....And Patty Mills is playing better.....

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injuries suck. blazers will be back but damm

Oden was very much the domino that set this up but Roy's injuries are just crippling for a franchise

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Leroy Jenkins is tougher than

Leroy Jenkins is tougher than any Trailblazer

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