anybody want the 4th pick?

im a kings fan and id gladly trade you it and kenny thomas for jason maxiel,amir johnson and rodney stuckney i think your youngs have alot of potential

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You would get all those young guys in this trade...

You do realize that if the Pistons did this trade, they would be trading their two best young prospects? I'm pretty sure Stuckey is going to be in Detroit for a few more years.

How about we swap trades and you can have Amir Johnson and Arron Afflalo. You get one of those young guys plus a great defensive player off the bench who is good for a few corner 3's per game. Plus, with the 15th pick you can still get a serviceable point like Lawson, Flynn or maybe even Teague.

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I wish we coulda had that

I wish we coulda had that trade to get a big or a point

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Assuming 70 games played in

Assuming 70 games played in 2013; if Pierce averaged 18.5 points per contest next season the future Hall of Famer could land in the No. 20 spot on the all-time scoring list. Pierce has averaged less than 18.5 points only two times in his career and is coming off a season where he scored 19.4 per game.

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