Any truth to this Rumor?

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Any truth to this Rumor?

Really is there any substance to this nonsense?

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Maybe the knicks, but I

Maybe the knicks, but I don't see a deal happening with Celtics or Rockets.

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Houston has no real chips

to offer, their 2 best young players are brooks and scola so maybe scola+brooks+next years 1st rounder for no.2 but i dont think either team would do it.

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The Grizz have made worse trades

If Memphis is not in love with Thabeet or Harden, it might be wise to trade out of the pick if they can acquire young veteran bargains. Boston and Houston have some pieces, but both lack a late-lottery to mid-1st round pick that the Grizzlies may want in addition to the aforementioned pieces.

If the Grizzlies trade down (they won't), they'll try to offload the $14+M they owe to Marko Jaric over the next two years.

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Adelman loves foreign talent

Adelman loves foreign players on his teams and they're usually successful on his teams too

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What do they have to trade?

What do the Celtics and Rockets have to deal? It makes little sense for the Celtics to trade when they have an older now team to draft a rookie he probably won't start anyway. Rockets need a scoring guard and back up center, better off getting that in free agency or via trade. The Knicks have the 8th pick, Galinari, Chandler and some expiring contracts if they wanted back. I can see Memphis trading the pick but not to the Celtics or Rockets.

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