Antony Davis fires agent..leaning towards signing with Rich Paul

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Antony Davis fires agent..leaning towards signing with Rich Paul

A.D. agent got him a fat contract a couple years ago..I might be reaching but could this be a chest move to get AD to the Lakers? I posted last year Lebron was going to the Lakers because he just bought a second crib over $20 million, get into movies, etc. and I got shhh on "you can have more then one crib..You're reaching" We'll AD just bought a crib this summer in LA for 7.5 million....hmmmmm..

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Defenitely some sort of chest

Defenitely some sort of chest move.

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The only real story here

The only real story here is.....What number is he going to wear in LA...Lebron has 23.

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This is Def the 1st move w/ an eye towards the future

But the Brow is signed thru 2021 - I can see a Sweepstakes opportunity for New Orleans in the last year of that deal but that is 2+ years away

And everyone knows that when you trade a Star that team Never recovers anything even close to true value & as long as New Orleans have AD that Franchise is relevant

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Davis is entering the 3rd

Davis is entering the 3rd year of a 5 year deal the upcoming season where the last year is a player option which means he can be a free agent after the 19/20 season and most likely will be. So you can view it from different angles but nowadays people tend to say that his is his full last contract year before he is basically an expiring contract. I‘m not one of those believing the clubs need to trade a star player like Davis at this point but things might get tricky for the Pelicans if a few things happen. If the Pels start losing early and for sure won’t make he playoffs the upcoming season there definitely is a lot of pressure and an offer might actually be better with one full year left on his deal (plus the player option year) or might not, who knows.

But overall I don’t see him staying there after this contract.

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