Antoine Mason (Anthony Mason's son)

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Antoine Mason (Anthony Mason's son)

This young man is leading the nation in scoring at 31.2 a game. All while shooting 50% from the field. His shooting behind the arc is not good though at 29%. Turnovers are a 3 a game as well.He is currently a Junior. He is undersized for an off guard at 6'3 a game. He has some athleticism though with some length as well as a 210 pound strong frame. You would have to think if he continues this throughout the year he may generate some buzz. Pedigree also goes in his favor. He will have to come back for a his senior year without a doubt. Just keep this kid in mind. He is at a Low Major school (Niagara University) but he did drop 34 on Seton Hall earlier in the year. Watch out for this kid.

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Anthony Mason's son is a

Anthony Mason's son is a scoring guard ?!?!?!?! All is not right in the world

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