Anthony Cat Barber on the rise

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Anthony Cat Barber on the rise

What's everyone's thoughts on Anthony Barber ? 7th in the nation in scoring...

Over his last 6 games (all against decent teams) 29ppg - 53% fg - 52% from 3.

On the season 24-5-5 44% 38% on 3's, 87%ft

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He has worked hard. He

He has worked hard. He deserves it.

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He's a really good player.

He's a really good player. It's too bad he plays on a horrific NC State team because he doesn't get the credit he truly deserves. He's in the running for ACC player of the year and all-american honrs.

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I've been very impressed by

I've been very impressed by his play this season. I thought Marcus Paige was going to be the player out of the ACC that really put up impressive number, but I think the injury at the beginning of the season slowed him down a bit. But I think Barber is going to be a player who's stock rises the rest of the season and ends up being a late first round pick and one of the gems in the draft (That is if he declares). He has elite speed and quickness, very good at penetrating and scoring or dishing, solid IQ, improved shooter, good defender and has good size. I think he could be a solid player in the league.

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Cat Barber

barber definitely put in the work after being a backup freshman year and now is an all around star. He should go pro and will absolutely light it up in the combine and go mid 1st.

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Reminds me a lot of the

Reminds me a lot of the situation TJ Warren was in a few years back for the Wolf Pack.. Putting up big numbers on a so-so team so people take his NBA prospects with a grain of salt. I think a lot of people will end up regretting sleeping on this kid.

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Reminds me of Jeff Teague

Reminds me of Jeff Teague

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