Anthony Bennett/Top 10

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Anthony Bennett/Top 10

I'm interested in Bennett's fit with the Pelicans. Do you all think he can play the 3 and, if so, would he be a better than Alex Len? I think Len will be the pick. I was on board with Zeller, but apparently scouts see him and Davis as pure 4s, making their talents redundant. They need to put a high talent big next to Anthony Davis. But some think Bennett's the most talented player in the draft, would he be worth it if he can play the 3?

Also, what team could trade up for him? Because I see him dropping to 10 to Portland if Sacramento passes.

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Someone will trade up if he

Someone will trade up if he goes past the Pelicans

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the big question would be how

the big question would be how well he fits alongside Anthony Davis. Im still not convinced Bennett can consistently play that SF position on the NBA level.

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I have him at 10 to Portland

I have him at 10 to Portland also.

I think Charlotte would be his other good scenario.

I also like Detroit. They are already big so they can play him at the 3 to start or as a 4 off the bench or in
smaller lineups. Detroit would be HUGE and have their front line and big man rotation set for the future.
Knight is at point then maybe they to after OJ Mayo (or Jarett Jack) to add to the backcourt. Bayless could work too.

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Anthony Bennett is as good a

Anthony Bennett is as good a prospect who was both as productive and has as much untapped potential as anybody in the draft so in my opinion he should be in serious consideration as soon as the first pick. When talking about the Cavs don't worry about players in place the draft is about getting the best player you can and if that's Bennett then so be it. This isn't the NFL Draft so team needs shouldn't gdt in the way of drafting a stud.

On Cle Bennett would start off as a hybrid forward used as a scoring punch. Bennett is far from undersized for a PF and is fast enough to keep up with SFs.

Washington is also a nice fit for Bennett because a Wall, Beal and Bennett core would be fantastic going forward.

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I can't imagine him guarding

I can't imagine him guarding SFs. He can't even guard less mobile bigs. I'd say there's little to no shot he can be a 3. His advantages offensively are his ability to bring out bigs to the perimeter and take em off the bounce. I think he'd have much more trouble beating SFs off the bounce and SFs are much better at closing out on shooters. He doesn't like posting up either so I don't see him as much of a post up mismatch vs SFs either. If he does post, they'll just double and get him flustered. He looked horrible facing doubles because he's not a high IQ player or a good passer at all.

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I don't like him much as a 3,

I don't like him much as a 3, not full time at least. He'd be a great fit on Cleveland, who has solid big, but nos scoring punch from them. He could pick and roll with Irving and Waiters all day long.

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He wont play the 3, he is a

He wont play the 3, he is a four just like derrick williams, you dont need to be 6-10 to play the PF. Michael beasley is a PF but he keeps getting played at small forward and he cant guard any of them. There is no shame in being a 6-8 power forward who has a perimeter oriented offensive game.

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If he falls to the Pistons they should obviously snatch him up. That would be a monster 6th man to have for this young team. He would benefit from both Monroe And Drummonds play. So they could start the game with the two bigs, then Bennett would be the first person off the bench. Think of him like Lamar Odom on those championship laker teams. That kind of versatility would be great for this young Pistons squad, and in next years draft they can get a SF or SG. This is how the pistons drafting has been lately too, so if another player drops to them, why not pick BPA?

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I agree. Pistons should

I agree. Pistons should probably pick BPA at #8 because their gonna be making a lot of moves anyway this summer. If Bennetts that guy, we should take him.

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He reminds me a lot of Rodeny

He reminds me a lot of Rodeny Rodgers and not Larry Johnson.

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I still feel this is a poor

I still feel this is a poor man's Charles Barkley version..

he has potential everywhere, has a great touch and footwork to be good post scorer, his jump shot is so pure for a big as is his tight handles..

his athleticism is also something really good for a possibly 250pounder..

and too bad we haven't seen his current measurements his wingspan has to be in 7'3 range even if he is 6'7.. he dunks soooo easily even with out jumping high..

so overall I believe it's a future once or twice or so allstar Power Forward... hope he won't start to think he can be new LeBron at SF like Beasley, Williams did..

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Siggy said it all about this old frosh...

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