Anthony Bennett

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Anthony Bennett

He's playing lights out for UNLV. He's averaging 18 ppg and 8 rpg and shooting 55% from the field, 35% from three, and 78% from the free throw line. He's also averaging 2.2 blocks per game despite playing just 27 minutes per game. He's the best freshman in the nation right now, in my opinion.

Will he be a one-and-done player, or will he return to UNLV for his sophomore season?

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Dude is mad talented with an

Dude is mad talented with an insane skill level for his age. I think we will have to see where his stock is at after the tournament to decide if he will leave, as he has that dreaded "tweener" label on him. I like his intensity, athleticism, and inside outside game that he has. Reminds me of Paul Millsap, who this year has vastly improved his 3 point shot

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I think he'll leave if he

I think he'll leave if he continues having the season that he's having. I have him currently in the mid to late teens.

He reminds me of Derrick Williams both in a good and bad way. His build would suggest that he's physical, but he isn't really, especially on the defensive end. He gets blocks, but otherwise looks like a liability on that end. He's not even an impressive defensive rebounder either.

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The kid can rebound the hell

The kid can rebound the hell out the ball I don't think he has showcased it yet. With that being said Bennett is one and done he was noted in high school on a few occasions saying he is going to try his hardest to be one and done.His mother is Jamaican born who immigrated to Canada and has been working two jobs for as long as he can remember,he said he doesn't want to see her work anymore and if he can make that happen he will.So my guess is he is leaving after this year.

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