Another IT thread

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Another IT thread

I know there just was one IT discussion, but I'd like to ask you guys, where could he realistically go and how much can the frontrunners pay him? There are only a handful of teams that need a point guard, and most of them don't have the needed cap space. So let's take it down team by team:
Spurs - imo there's no way Pop's signing a player that just can't defend. Also although their cap situation isn't bad, they definitely wouldn't offer him over 10 million, they aren't going to trade more than one core player for IT nor for almost any other upgrade at PG position.
Suns - I think their priority in this year's draft is probably Trae Young, they won't get a good enough pick to get Ayton. Also he and Booker together would be unbelievable offensively. If they still end up taking a big, they could offer him 1y contract worth around 20 mln which would actually be a pretty decent offer.
Detroit - seems impossible they can find a taker for Reggie Jackson that doesn't send any money back. Hard to think about a working Reggie - IT duo, but they couldn't give him more than MLE in any scenario.
Boston - seems too unlikely destination right now.
Charlotte - I don't see a reason they would sign IT instead of tanking if they trade Kemba. Also after trading Kemba, they'd still be over the cap.
Philadelphia - they have the money to offer, but signing a vet PG isn't a priority.

Can you find any other realistic destinations? Do you have scenarios where one of the aforementioned clubs except Phoenix can pay him more than 10 mln? Is he going to accept a MLE offer if there isn't any better ones?

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Two years ago I was saying IT

Two years ago I was saying IT is nothing but a 6th man on a championship team. I credit Brad Stevens more than IT for his year last year. If im a GM I dont want him. Let someone else over pay. I would seriously rather have D'angelo Russell than IT.

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I agree with you in regards

I agree with you in regards to him being a very good 6th man, but why not Orlando? What do they have to lose by bringing him in to run the point with a young team that have hardly developed much and they have just traded their point guard and they are not a highly sought after free agent destination. The fans need something to keep them interested.

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Lakers doing I.T. bad


They put him under Ball?

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I.T probably won't get the

I.T probably won't get the max! That's not to say that he wouldn't get a Pretty Penny depending on his stint goes with the Lakers.

His best Bet is Defintely Getting on with Greg Pop and Anchoring that 2nd unit scoring wise and Backing up another fellow UW alumni In Dejounte Murray who has the Length, Athleticism and Size to play with or along side I.T. Basically serving as A Patty Mills/Eric Gordon super sub. I.T still has options just need to find the correct fit. Does he really value money that much? Or will go to a team where he can be solid, contribute and win.

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I can't see him ending up on

I can't see him ending up on the Spurs. IT and Mills make no sense on the same team -- you certainly can't play them together. And Patty is a core member of the Spurs now -- he's in all the HEB commercials! -- so I don't think they'd trade him just to accommodate IT.

What about Sacramento? Is Fox really ready to run an NBA team? They need a legit offensive weapon and IT would provide that at an affordable price.

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Assuming this is next season you mean..

It all depends on what his ego allows him to be:

If he goes all Monta ellis or Iverson-when he was in the tail end of his career thinking he was still the man...

He will not get paid much or get that longterm a deal..

If he buys into being that super sub role of really good 6th man he will get paid a reasonable amount and probably a 3-4 year deal..

Starter teams: I don't know maybe a bottom feeder may take a chance:

But as a 6th man maybe the following works..

Memphis.They need someone to cover for Mike C as he seems to be injured a little to frequently..

Hawks-If they don't take P.G in the draft. He could be nice 6th man there.

Mavericks-See J.J barea to how he would work there if they can get him to engage on the defensive end..

Houston..But that is all assuming you believe Eric gordon and him could work,.But offensively he makes sense there.

Back in Boston..But that is most likely at least 1 year away(due to trade),if they keep Marcus smart and probably dependent on the price also...

Detroit- A wild card but you never know as see Ish smith..

Lakers if he relizes Lonzo is the starter there and buys into a super sub role coming on getting straight buckets..

Nets if they want to see how he does with Kenny pg whisper A..But this only if Spencer is moved/doesn't resign and D russell is starting full time.

OKC with the right SG beside him to help cover his defense up..

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Ball or IT

Overrated Ball who in the NBA is a great outlet passer vs a 4th quarter scoring machine. I'd much rather have IT on my roster than a 6'5'' guard that can't defend either.

IT was awesome last year with the ball in his hands. Straight willed Boston to some wins.

I'd take him on Philly to run my second unit. Rely on everyone else for defense and if his defense is killing you then put in someone else.

His offense carried Boston in the playoffs. He was on an expiring contract and had hip issues so Boston got rid of him. I don't know how many times the guy has to prove himself...he can flat out ball.

I'd take him on the Sixers but I woudln't want to overpay him. I feel bad, because he hasn't had that major contract even thoguh he's been a major player in the 4th quarter.

If I'm the Sixers at a reasonable price I take a shot at him...because he can penetrate and dish. I want to see what he can do in that Fultz role...

Its tough because Simmons needs the ball in his hands....but I could still use Simmons. Simmons creates those post up mismatches and its IT's job to either score or find the mismatch of Simmons or Embiid.

I love IT.

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Unfortunately, the NBA is a

Unfortunately, the NBA is a league of what have you done for me lately. In IT's case, he has looked like a shell of his former self this year which is going to significantly hurt his market this summer. No one is going to pay him off what he did last year unless he shows himself to be fully healed by the end of this season. When Brandon Roy's knees failed him did he get the pay and role his former self would've, or the damaged goods he was viewed as then? Same is going to happen with Thomas. The Sixers are also too invested in Fultz to put him further down the depth chart.

Maybe New Orleans will give him a look if the price is right. He's boys with Boogie and their second unit is questionable

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I heard him and boogie never

I heard him and boogie never got along that's why he was traded. I don't want IT on a team with boogie and rondo already on it anyways.

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