Anfernee Simons

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Anfernee Simons

Looking at Portlands roster Anfernee Simons is the only guard on the bench as it is currently constracted that can run the point even though he is more or a combo guard.

He has been balling in the summer league and I feel like he can be a real spark plug off the bench. He has a smooth and effortless 3 point stroke and has deep range on it.

From everything I have heard out of the Blazers FO, I think he will be playing a much bigger role this season and could potentially be one of the more improved players this year. I'm not saying that he'll be the MIPcor anything but I think he'll be in the top 10 for MIP.

What are your thoughts on Anfernee Simons?

Summer League

vs Utah 35 points on 13/18FG, 6/7 3PT and 3/3 FT.

vs Houston 16 points on 6/11, 4/6 3PT

vs Detroit 15 points on 5/14FG, 1/4 3PT 4/4 FT

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Looks good

I thought they reached for him when they drafted him, but the investment seems to have paid off.

They really developed him the right way - no pressure and brought along super slowly.

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Personally I wouldn’t read to

Personally I wouldn’t read to much into these games but I also noticed he had a good summer so far. The Blazers roster is very wing heavy with Hood, Little, Bazemore, McCollum, Hezonja and Gary Trend Jr but no real backup point guard as you said. Might be possible that Simons handles some of the PG duties but Lillard is very durable and will for sure play 35+ minutes and McCollum will also handle some of this duties as before. Not so sure if Simons will get enough minutes to make a big impact worth top 10 MIP worthy and he should be happy if he plays close to all 82 games and has up to 15 minutes per game.

Funny that he is mentioned now as someone who could make a big impact as people criticized the Little pick as he is very raw but said a few weals back Little is not as raw as Simons. What a few summer league games can make for a difference...

I like Gary Trend Jr. btw. He loks like a bulldozer and plays like a vet. Very cool and collected and I wouldn‘t be surprised if he has a better year then Simons in the end.

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I think the Blazers pick-up a

I think the Blazers pick-up a PG with the vet min. Someone like Shaun Livingston..I wouldn't put too much hype in Summer League play..

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