"Andrew Wiggins" Rap Song/Highlight Reel

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"Andrew Wiggins" Rap Song/Highlight Reel

Sorry for yet another Wiggins post guys, lol. A few months back, an artist named Cityphil made an Andrew Wiggins rap track. Well, my friends at OnPointBasketball decided to make a music video for the song and I think it came out really well! Some great Wiggins highlights, including ones that I had yet to see on typical highlights of Andrew. Plus, it does feature some cameos of some of his teammates at Huntington Prep (Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Dom Woodson, Moses Kingsley, Teki Gill-Caesar, Nevell Provo). Hope you enjoy it and I am sorry if you are sick of the Wiggins-mania, just a lot of excitement here in Canada and truly thought this was cool.

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