Andrew Wiggins initial shoe contract rumored to be in the 140-180 million range

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Andrew Wiggins initial shoe contract rumored to be in the 140-180 million range

Well, as a person who tends to be very skeptical of using Bleacher Report/SB Nation as sources, this is the first time I have used a link from the site in the "News" section. What I will say is the author of this article, Jared Zwerling, has been established with Sports Illustrated and ESPN beforehand. BR is stepping up their game and while I still very much think you should look at who is writing the article before using it as a source, this one seems to be legit.

Here is the link:

The article looks into the possible shoe contract of the exciting young basketball prospect that is Andrew Wiggins. I know people are probably getting sick of hearing about the hype and that he has not played a game. Also, I caution people to not have expectations of Durant/Beasley type numbers, mainly because he will more than likely not have to have them for his team to win games. What I will say is, his combination of quickness and ability make him incredibly likely to be very marketable, not to mention have obviously made him the odds on favorite to be the 1st pick in the 2014 Draft.

When LeBron was coming out of HS, his shoe contract was thought to be near 9 figures and I think ended up being over 90 million dollars. Flash forward a decade, Wiggins could possibly double that up. Find that to be incredible and I am guessing his services must be worth it. After all, LeBron sells an insane amount of merchandise and while he gets lot of money from doing so, he has made those he endorses much more. My guess is, they expect Andrew Wiggins to be that next marketable entity in the scope of LeBron.

Right now, it looks like the race will be between Adidas and Nike. To many, the most surprising element about Wiggins college choice was that it was not a Nike school. Supposedly, adidas is going to try to make a run at him with all that they have and shoe aficionados are saying that they may be the favorite. To me, I still think Nike may be the company that lands him when it is all said and done. He has a long standing relationship and they are probably willing to match anything as far as numbers are concerned.

Thought this was worth discussing and wanted to see peoples thoughts on the matter. He has yet to play a college game and things could change, just thought it was unbelievable that he might end up with a contract like this. Again, my guess is that he must be worth it to these companies and while they both take a rather large risk, it could pay off majorly, as we well know from other major endorsers of both.

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Someone tell him about Adidas

Someone tell him about Adidas and their unfortunate track record of torn acl's

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One Thing is For Certain

That kid is going to get paid. Curious move to Kansas which is an Addidas school when he has been running with the Nike crowd all along. Is this a coincidence, or a very shrewd business move to get the Nike/Addidas bidding war into unseen territory. Either way, I say good for the kid.

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I don't believe his shoe deal

I don't believe his shoe deal will be that big & I'd be shocked if he chose Adidas if the money is similar. He's a Nike kid.

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$140-180 Mil over 10

$140-180 Mil over 10 years...that shhh cray!!

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Take the money and run!

He should sign that contract and sit this year out.

He can't possibly exceed expectations now, and you can't pass up that much money.

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That is an absurd amount of

That is an absurd amount of money for a kid just stepping onto a college campus. Blows my mind, but good for Wiggins. Hopefully he can handle all the pressure to perform and everything pans out.

But do guys really choose schools based on what shoe company sponsors them? That honestly sounds quite ridiculous to me and I can almost guarantee that Andrew did not take that into account when he chose Kansas. He's still just a kid and he most likely does not give a sheit about Nike or Adidas right now.
I thought it was funny when it said Nike is taking this as a message that he's not sold on them lol. He probably doesn't give a sheit about what logo is on the shoe at this point in time, like I said he's just a kid and he's just trying to play basketball. Probably not thinking about how he's gonna send a message to all the shoe companies and try to hustle an extra 50 million lol.

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Shoe companies can play a factor

In the case of Wiggins, I really do not think it did, just believe they do build relationships and can at times play somewhat of a factor. As I said, the only thing that really surprised people I knew who were close to him was the fact he chose an adidas school. The factors of why he chose said school obviously came down to the factors I believe most think of, coaching, the system, the atmosphere, tradition, facilities, etc.

One other thing I did hear though, which I think solidifies his previous relationship with Nike was that one of the questions he asked when he signed with Kansas was "how much adidas do I have to wear?" Asking about whether he could wear Nike on campus certainly makes it seem like they have a shot. I know many people will bring up Shabazz Muhammad and adidas, as well, which many believe was a link to his signing with UCLA.

My guess is that Wiggins obviously made this decision with little thought as to what would be on his feet. Just think this gives adidas a shot to take away what many thought to be a huge future athlete for Nike. I still see him ending up Nike, just think his being at an adidas school adds intrigue. Agree that shoe company did not play into his decision to attend Kansas, also believe that in some cases, shoe companies can sway athletes to a certain school or schools.

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And this is why I laugh when people say college athletes should just be happy having tuition paid. Riiiight. Trade off 30-40k for guaranteed millions. For most guys 1 injury could derail everything. While he may be one of the exceptions, he has enough hype from high school that he could secure enough money for his family to live off of for the rest of his life without ever having to touch down at a college campus.

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Wiggins is so Humble and may

Wiggins is so Humble and may ignore all the hype and all the big companies and Sign with FILA.

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"That's a lot of money, it can feed my family well enough"

- Latrell Sprewell

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Does he really seem like the

Does he really seem like the type of guy who will be able to have an entertaining marketing campaign based around his personality. I mean if he doesn't drop Lebron or Durant Numbers by his 3rd season or so and is more of a second tier star, does his personality still make him marketable enough for this type of investment?

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I don't think personality matters much. Derrick Rose doesn't have a personality. It's his game that speaks and will for Wiggins.

He should sit out the year. Has nothing to gain and everything to lose even tho the fan in me wants to see him play.

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