Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker: The Next Great Rivalry?

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Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker: The Next Great Rivalry?

I'm watching the documentary Magic and Bird: Courtship of Rivals, which is very good by the way, and I can't help but wonder when are we going to see the next great NBA player rivalry? The two most well-known rivalries that I can think of are Russell vs. Chamberlain and Magic vs. Bird. How do you all feel about Wiggins and Parker becoming the next great rivalry in the NBA?

Personally I would love to see it happen. I feel like the closest we've come to seeing a rivalry like that is LeBron vs. Carmelo. But due to Carmelo's lack of team success in the playoffs, that rivalry hasn't really panned out. If it was ever going to happen again, I think it will be Wiggins vs. Parker.

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No , allot of question marks

No , allot of question marks on Jabari becoming a great player, Wiggins is more of a sure thing, but still has allot of holes in his game to fill out.

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What? Jabari is already a

What? Jabari is already a "sure thing" but Andrew Wiggins potential to become more than a "sure thing" is through the roof. Numerous analyst have said if Jabari and Andrew Wiggins were in any recruiting class in the past five years, they'd take the #1 spot with ease. Of course they both have many holes in their game, any 18 year old playing basketball has many holes in his/her game, that's why they continue to work on it and get better.

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Larry vs Magic

That's a great documentary bro. I've probably watched it over 10 times. Such an awesome story.

Anyways, is Jabari vs. Wiggins the next great rivalry? I certainly hope so, but it's far too early to tell. First, they both need to have great individual and team success in college next season. Secondly, once they get into the NBA they both need to have great individual and team success as well. Both of these guys have great talent and I truly believe that they will be stars in college and in the NBA, but there are so many factors that must take place in order for a rivalry to develop like Magic vs. Bird did. As a basketball fan I hope and dream that it happens, but it's wayyyy too early to tell

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In the mid 2000s I was really

In the mid 2000s I was really thinking that Melo/LBJ would be that kind of rivalry but as good as Carmelo has been, Lebron has been easily better.

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LeBron vs. Durant was pretty

LeBron vs. Durant was pretty fun last year. Best two guys in the league and they basically play the same position. I think we could see one or both of these guys in the Finals for the next 5 years.

Hopefully we get a rematch next year which could feature LeBron going for a threepeat, Durant and Co. going for their first, and also the Russell Westbrook comeback special. And, maybe the Big Rematch will go seven games.

LeBron James vs. Paul George is turning into a pretty entertaining Eastern Conference Rivalry too.

Too early on Wiggins vs. Parker but I do see the potential. Especially since they will meet next year in college (and hopefully in the Final Four, too).

I would like to see a great big man rivalry. We don't have that right now and I don't think Roy Hibbert vs. Marc Gasol will be good enough. But, I guess we can dream about a Nerlens Noel vs. Alex Len rivalry.

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Wait til they play for the first time.

A lot could happen with Wiggins and Parker. I don't know if they both will live up to expectations. One could get drafted by a team with a bad system and the other could be taken by a better franchise or coach. So much depending on college level too. If they go head to head in the final four or championship and both play a great game then I could see the rivalry really start. As for Lebron and Melo, It never really lived up to expectations for most of us especially after their amazing rookie seasons due to the fact they never met in playoffs til their 8th or 9th year in the league. I think of the Kobe and Lebron rivalry more than anything but that was for the argument of who the best player in NBA is. I wish the age gap wasn't there im sure they would of met in multiple finals and would of been a hell of a rivalry.

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There was some great ones

KG & Tim Duncan

Kobe & Tmac (if he wasnt injured so much)
CP3 vs Dwill
well I just woke up from a nap so i cant really think of much but ill post some more that i think are great after

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what are you talking about...

what are you talking about... it was ALWAYS kobe vs iverson..

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Both have a lot of potential

Both have a lot of potential but neither is a sure thing. Neither is in the Lebron,Shaq,Duncan catagory of sure things. They will have some sort of rivalry due to coming out of the same class but it won't be national unless they both win

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Probably not. Not in this

Probably not. Not in this era. They'll probably become best buddies and look to join forces in the pros.

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I think there's a mutual

I think there's a mutual respect between those 2 but it isn't hard to tell they went at each other at the All Star events. It was refreshing to see honestly.

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