Andrew Bogut

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Andrew Bogut

What happened to Andrew Bogut? Wasn't he gonna sign with someone after the all star break? I mean he's not a big difference maker but he's still capable of being a reliable big guy off the bench. I thought the Pelicans might have turned to him but Emeka Okafor is looking like the better fit. Is there still any team who could get the best out of him? A reunion in Cleveland possibly?

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Love to see him in Philly to back up Joel or Amir

Plus he's a Aussie

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Teams can still sign players

Teams can still sign players I believe, I'm surprised no-one has added him. Even if he didn't play much he could be a defensive option on a contender or even as a mentor on a lottery team.

Andrew has his title so many not be bothered about chasing another one plus after his leg break last season he may not have really been game sharp when he joined Lakers. So might he effectively be sitting out this season and will look to get on a training camp and do a full pre-season to land a spot for next year.

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He could be a good back up to

He could be a good back up to Steven Adams for the Thunder.

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