Andre Roberson

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Andre Roberson

You can't look me straight in my eyes and tell me that he is an NBA starter. He's a borderline NBA player. He can rebound well for his size, but his shooting (or lack thereof) is painful to watch. I've seen him hit the side of the backboard numerous times this seasons. He doesn't really have any offense. He's certainly not an NBA shooting guard. He's more of an undersized power forward. I'm not really sure what the Thunder expect out of him. He's ok on defense, but he turns the ball over or misses a shot when he attempts to express himself offensively.

I understand that Sefolosha is hurt and the Thunder are short on 2 guards but I thnk Jeremy Lamb should be starting. Reggie Jackson provides enough offesne off the bench to compensate.

What are your opinions about young Mr. Roberson?

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Trying to instill confidence

Trying to instill confidence in their young player while keeping their rotation I guess. He's a very good rebounder from the wing and plays pretty good defense. What does MKG do better is my answer? Or any player on the 76ers minus MCW for that matter?

I agree with you, but I love when Brooks does this with the line-up so we can see players get minutes with he starters we otherwise will never see.

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MKG is a better slasher to

MKG is a better slasher to the basket. better defender. more versatile.

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Roberson is a better natural

Roberson is a better natural athlete. He's fluid and quick and more explosive than MKG. He was a double digit rebounder in college, right?.

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I would have to say

that Thad Young is a hell of a lot better.

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this guy's a worker.

Sefalosha wasn't a good shooter either at the start of his career. neither was khawhi leonard out of college. but he became decent enough. i'll Give Roberson a full off-season. he works hard and he might improve enough.

if he improves his shooting enough. they can go small with him at the 3 and they won't lose any rebounding like they do with Sefalosha at the 3.

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He might only be ok on

He might only be ok on defense now. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he ended up becoming great in a couple years being able to cover the 1 to 3 positions. He has the quickness, athleticism, effort and instincts. Doesn't he look like a guy that you could put on a speedy PG or a athletic Sf, and be able to defend them ?

Specialist players never look like much in the beginning like Jimmy Butler, Tony Allen, Bruce Bowen and Thabo Sefalosha.

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Roberson will be fine as a

Roberson will be fine as a NBA player. He'll never be anything special but he will be a servicable role player who provides rebounds, defense, and hustle. Brooks has just been popping the rook's cherry by getting him some playing time early on.

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He has a wide frame that is

He has a wide frame that is very useful on defense. At this point he's a bit lost on D, but with some time I think he can be an versatile guy who can cover a variety of guards.

The OP is correct in pointing out that his offense is non-existant. But if he is able to develop a shot, he'll be an interesting player going forward. Not many players have his rebounding instincts.

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His offense isn't good, but

His offense isn't good, but he knows it. His shot selection is that of a guy who knows he can't shoot, sure he'll lauch on from time to time to try to keep his defender honest, but it's really hard to throw a guy under the bus for being a bad shooter when 68% of his shots are at the rim ( 41 out of a total of 60 shots ).

I caught part of the game last night, and he didn't look bad out there. He plays with Durant and Westbrook and the dude only took 2 shots...he made both...played hard, and in Scott Brooks' fashion for a lot of his defensive minded players, started but only played about 15 minutes ( he's done it with Perkins for years, does it with Adams too ). He stepped up and did what his team asked of him.

He's probably not ready to be a starter, but he's got 36 career games under his belt, and he's doing what his coach asked him to. He's a glue guy, always will be, but so what if he's a lower tier player in the NBA as a rookie, it's not like he's peaked out. Brooks wouldn't play him if he didn't think he could develop him.

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One play he looks great then the next he looks horrible. I think in time he could develop into a bigger, more athletic Sefalosha but I doubt he will ever have a 40% 3 point shooting year like him. He made one last night though! haha that was a relief. I'm not sure why Perry Jones isn't getting those minutes though since he's a much better shooter and nearly as good defender.

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