Andre Miller

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Andre Miller

If the sixers aren't gonna resign Andre Miller what other options are out ? Are they content with Lou Williams starting or the rookie Jrue Holiday??

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If they don't resign Miller, I think you could pretty much gaurantee they will look for someone through free agency. Lou is more of a scorer and Jrue is'nt ready yet.

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Lou Williams is the Starting PG.

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Holiday will be good once

Holiday will be good once he's ready

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I think they will make a

I think they will make a push for J. Jack the restricted free agent of the Pacers, he is a serviceable PG who could hold the place to see if Holiday develops like they hope. The Pacer's are tight with cap room so they probably won't be able to match an offer.

A second option would be Ramon Sessions of the Bucks, he played decent last year and with the Bucks drafting Jennings it looks like they might not have him in there future plans.

From the little I saw of Holiday in the summer league I'd say he isn't going to be ready to start this year, granted its just summer league so you can't base too much on that.

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starbury is the answer

starbury is the answer

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