Andre Drummind questionble at 1?

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Andre Drummind questionble at 1?

ok we all know he has a body and ability of an NBA player but is really a number one pick?

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It might be to early to include his stats but he is really not suprising me in his game play. Honestly I rather pick jarad Sullinger over him. If he goes number one we looking at another greg oden (just because his nba body)

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Right now Drummond is the

Right now Drummond is the number 1 pick..The only other player that'll challenge him if he comes out is Anthony Davis...I think Davis will be the better player down the road..But right now Davis is just getting by on his amazing athletic skills..Imagine what Davis is going to be like when he adds a post game and learns how to play the game the right way...UConn coach Calhoun has never had a big man with Drummond's talent ..Most of the big men that played during Calhoun's tenure were all projects..And he didnt have to draw up plays for them....Their goal was rebounding and defense...And it seems like thats what Drummond is focusing on...I think Calhoun is learning how to deal with a player with Drummond skills,while Drummond is learning how to deal with not being the focal point of the offense...By late January they'll both be on the same page...

And dont be surprise if Sullinger falls into the 7 to 10 range...

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Remember- Drummond is a Freshman stepping onto to a team with returning scoring power (Lamb), a returning big (Oriakhi), a returning ballhandler (Napier) and a ball dominant Frosh PG (Boatright). Plus, he played the first part of the season with a broken nose. No one thought he was NEAR skilled enough to be a dominant offensive player, but he has the tools necessary to build upon. I expect a guy with his physique and bounce to get stronger as he gains more experience instead of hitting the Freshman wall. When all is said and done, he will still be the most intruiging NBA prospect of the bunch, though never the most polished.

EDIT- Just to note, the most impressive thing I've seen in Drummond is the increased motor. I saw him at the ADIDAS Nations and he looked down right disinterested. He had moments of 'Wow', but few and far between. He seems to be playing much harder much more often.

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This fulfills my need for at least one "Andre Drummond #1 pick" thread for the week early on.

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Funny thing is

He is actually UConn's leading scorer in the front court right now over Oriakhi, a two year starter and the third leading scorer on last years championship team. All I know is, he looked better against Harvard without having to wear that mask than he has all season. Truly believe that he actually has a good attitude, wants to get better and I think Jim Calhoun loves him.

Once UConn figures out its line-up and gets everything in place, Drummond should flourish. He needs to gain confidence, but once he figures out his role, I think he will be awesome. The debate between he and Anthony Davis will rage on, but Drummond has size that Davis can only dream of with equal off the charts athleticism. I know that everyone is b!tching about how slow he has started and stating that he does not play hard, but I really think he is in a developmental stage and will blossom as time progresses.

Drummond's ability to possibly be a center only makes him more intriguing. He has solid court vision and seems to be honestly concerned more about winning than putting up monster numbers, though I believe in time they may go hand in hand. I definitely see some skill there and while you might want him to be a tad more assertive, I am not sure that it will not come with time. Jared Sullinger may be better right now, but you are taking as much of a risk with thinking he will remain better as you are on Drummond's potential.

I mean, people complain a lot about "potential being taken over productivity", but it works both ways. In 2004, Dwight Howard's potential was enough for him to be drafted ahead of Emeka Okafor's NCAA All-American productivity. Was that a mistake? In 2005 Golden State took productive college player Ike Diogu over Andrew Bynum.

I am not saying that Jared Sullinger is not better than both of the players in my examples, but I am just showing that drafting who you view as a "sure thing" over a talented player with physical gifts and athleticism that may need some time is not always necessarily a bad thing. If you think that Drummond is beyond repair in his flaws and will never develop, than draft Sullinger. The thing is, you are still gambling on the prospect that a player like Drummond may get it together and become a franchise changer. It is looking to me like Drummond may be worth the risk.,0,3381339.story

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If you want to be technical, Drummond should be in prep school right now. He declared to skip prep and jump into college basketball and has been very impressive so far.

Drummond will be the number 1 pick in this years draft for many reasons. He has all the potential that NBA GM's drool about. He has size, he is strong, athletic, and is not afraid to bang with the boys in the paint. He is committed to winning and his motor is unbelievable for a man his size. He also takes care of his body, which is great for a player his age. This means that he doesn’t mind committing to the gym in order to have the physical strength to withstand the pain he will go through dealing with the top players in the NBA.

His only weakness that I see is that he defense needs some work and so does his low post offensive game. But that will come with time.

People were saying the same thing about Dwight Howard in 2005. Just like mikeyvthedon stated in his reply; how did it work out for Orlando when they drafted Howard over Okafor. I don’t think they are complaining too much about it since Howard has taken the team to the finals, won numerous defensive of the year awards, is an all-star, is a freak of an athlete, keeps the Magic competing for a championship, and a top 5 player in the NBA.

I like Sullinger's game, but he doesn’t have the quickness, athleticism, and potential that Drummond has. If Drummond keeps working on his game I see him as one of the elite NBA players in six years. He could be the next Dwight Howard and Sullinger could be like a Boozer type. They both will be good pros.

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I think are so many Drummond

I think are so many Drummond #1 pick threads because at this point it is controversial to have anyone other than Anthony Davis at #1. Aaran himself has said many times that he isn't buying into the Davis is a lock for #1 but it is hard not to when everything you hear on tv and online everywhere else says Davis is #1. Personally I've said it all season and I stand by it I don't see how Davis is not #1. With these two it isn't taking a big over a wing they are both post players and it isn't taking potential over production as they are both freshman.

Pretty much as long as everything and everybody else continue to say Davis is #1 their is going to be questions about why Drummond is still top this board.
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Anthony Davis at #1

It's simple, if a team who has a center, like Washngton for example, gets the number one pick, they have to take Davis. Davis doesn't have Drummond's strength right now, but he's just a better player, more intelligent, also a great defender with great physical and athletic tools. He could also become an offensive nightmare as he's not asked to dribble or shoot the ball, yet you can see the potential

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