Ammunition for a Warrior

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Ammunition for a Warrior

What if DRose uses all of this negative he's-not-the-MVP talk as motivation to Blaze into the Playoffs & crush people. avg 30ppg, enroute to Championship. I think this guys has that inside fire to use this/ & Thibs used the Spurs game in February to Motivate DRose & that was the 1st serious MVP talk of the year. The 2nd MVP stretch was against the Magic & Heat when the Bulls beat both of those teams, after the All-Star break. I believe he is one of the most ungaurdable (i think i just made that word up) players in the L. If he has the same Fire/Passion as MJ i think he will come out swinging in the Playoffs. Don't forget he tied Wilt-The-Stilt for most points in playoff debut.

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Never start off a sentence w/

Never start off a sentence w/ what if...... what if lebron signed w/ the knicks, what if kobe signed w/ the clippers or bulls, what if...

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What if the ghost of Wilt

What if the ghost of Wilt Chamberlain got picked up on a 10 day contract with the Wizards and taught Javale McGee everything he knows!

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if javale

javale knew half of what wilt the stilt knew hed be unstoppable with his freakish athletich ability

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Not Jordan

No one will ever be "MJesque". Next question.

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