Amar Stoudemire Nearly Back

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Amar Stoudemire Nearly Back

In the New York Knick's rise to a tie for first in the East, perhaps you may have forgotten one detail: Amare Stoudemire is yet to rejoin the Knicks. He is now listed as day-to-day and should be back in the lineup within a week.

There's been plenty of questions about the chemistry between Stoudemire and Anthony, two offense-minded players. One would think the return of Stoudemire would help rather than hurt the Knicks. I mean, adding a 6-time All-Star can't hurt, can it?

Dude just got married about ten days ago, too, just a sidenote. How much do you think Amare's return will help (or hurt) the Knickerbockers? Is this a championship front-runner?

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Amare is aware of his team's

Amare is aware of his team's success in his absence, and has made it fairly clear that he's fine playing a reduced role if it means winning. Even though the knicks are playing at a high level, we definitely need more offensive firepower as the second half of the season approaches. What Amare gives us is another bench player who can be plugged in and score high percentage buckets as long as he has a PG to set him up. Luckily the Knicks have 3 right now, all of whom can run a P&R in their sleep.

That being said, I have no idea if he can still play at the same level he did years ago. After chronic knee and back injuries it seems that STAT is a shell of himself. That first step explosion we all saw in Phoenix, and a little for his first year in NY, is simply no longer there. There's a good chance that his abilities have deteriorated even further, can't be sure until I see him play.

All in all, Amare's role will be off the bench. When our smaller rotations can't hit their 3's, he will be able to give them baskets in the paint and he will do it by playing off the ball. IMO he will be positive contributor, simply because we have too many playmakers for someone with Amare's game to not score.

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