All-Time Draft Tournament

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All-Time Draft Tournament

Four team, seven game playoff with the four greatest draft classes of all-time. The seeds are as follows, 1. 1984, 2. 2003, 3. 1996, 4. 1987.



PG: John Stockton

SG: Michael Jordan

SF: Charles Barkley

PF: Kevin Willis

C: Hakeem Olajuwon

Bench: Alvin Robertson, Sam Perkins, Otis Thorpe, Jerome Kersey, Rick Carlisle (bench coach, ha)


PG: Dwayne Wade

SG: Lebron James

SF: Carmelo Anthony

PF: Chris Bosh

C: Chris Kaman

Bench: Mo Williams, David West, Josh Howard, Kirk Hinrich, Kendrick Perkins


PG: Steve Nash

SG: Allen Iverson

SF: Kobe Bryant

PF: Jermaine Oneal

C: Marcus Camby

Bench: Ray Allen, Stephon Marbury, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Peja Stojacovich, Antoine Walker


PG: Kevin Johson

SG: Reggie Miller

SF: Scottie Pippen

PF: Horace Grant

C: David Robinson

Bench: Mark Jackson, Reggie Lewis, Dennis Hopson, Derrick McKey, Kenny Smith

1. 1984


4. 1987

Notes: Pippen guards Jordan, but that leads to Reggie Miller guarding Barkley. Olajuwon vs. Robinson, two of the greatest centers ever but a matchup that Olajuwon seemed to have the advantage. 1984 isn't very deep, but any team with Jordan will be tough to beat. Reggie Lewis will provide a spark off the bench for '87.

2. 2003


3. 1996

Notes: '03 is starting an extremely big team with Lebron as their SG. Kobe will guard Lebron, but that leaves Iverson and Nash to guard Wade and Carmelo. That will be a huge problem. '96 may be better off starting Ray Allen at SG and bringing Iverson off the bench. They will match up better defensively, but Iverson will begin the series in the starting lineup. '96 has the deepest bench in the whole playoffs.

Who you got and why? I see a lot of mis-matches that could lead to any of these teams to win.

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'84 takes the first game with Dream(30 pts. 7 reb) dominating Drob(24pt, 8 reb, 2 blocks) as usual utilizing the pick and roll with Stockton(12 asts). Pippen(15 pts, 3 stls) "holds" MJ (22 pts). KJ(19 pts) is able to get into the lane but has a hard time finishing over Dream(3 blocks). Miller time takes over in the 4th quarter as Reggie(31 pts) pulls the game close with clutch 3's. Willis(15 reb) and Grant(14 reb) do the dirty work on the boards. Barkley(22 pts, 8-11 fg) turns out to be the MVP of the game as Miller can't stop from being backed down in the post. Both benches see limited time with only Robertson (9 pts, 4 asts, 2 stls) and Lewis(18 pts) making significant plays down the stretch. MJ uses his push-off move on Pippen to sink the buzzer beater.

Team MJ-94

Team Drob- 92

'03 takes the second match-up as '96 can't find a way to make stops when they need them. Nash(12 pts, 15 asts) leads a run-n-gun offense that relies heavily on the 3 ball. Wade and Lebron (55 pts combined) own the lane and have no problem finishing over a soft JO(10 pts 6 reb) and Camby(8 pts, 12 reb, 3 blocks) who has to stay on the perimeter to guard Kaman(16 pts, 5 reb). Perkins(10 reb, 1 block) gets the start for team 03 for defensive purposes. Kobe(40 pts) proves to be the best player on the court and gets his points all over the floor. West and Williams barely see the floor for 03 as Toine(15 pts, 5 3ptfg), Peja(14pts) and Ray Allen(12 pts) nail deep jumpers all game off the bench. Melo(22 pts) fights Kobe bucket for bucket in the 2nd half to keep the game within reach. Bosh(6 pts) fits in awkardly with Lebron and Wade and is replaced in favor of Josh Howard(16 pts, 6 reb, 6 asts, 3 stls) who is able to force Kobe into bad shots in the last 5 mins of the game as Lebron and Wade force '96 big guys to foul out and seal the game.

Team Lebron - 135

Team Kobe- 125

The championship game pits Lebron against his idol MJ. Hakeem(45 pts) again comes up big for '84 as nobody on 03 can stop the dream shake. Wade(36 pts) dominates Stockton(10 pts, 11 asts) on the other end as the physical difference is vast. Lebron(18 pts 5-22 fg) is forced by MJ(28 pts 8 reb, 7 asts) to take jumpers all game while Jordan toys with him on the other end. Melo(26 pts) proves to be too much for Barkley(13 pts 10 reb) with the size advantage. Bosh(18 pts) and Kaman(14 pts) keep Willis(8 pts, 15 reb) and Hakeem(0 blks) away from the basket with their mid-range j's. '03 sees contributions from every player on the bench compared to '84 who only uses Robertson(8 pts,5 reb, 4 stls) to relieve Sir Charles of guarding Melo and Sam Perkins(12 pts) who comes off the bench with his unorthodox but effective jumper. '03 tries to speed the pace up but is out of control while 84 relies on MJ and Hakeem isolations to slow the game to a halfcourt pace. In the end, MJ causes Lebron to get frustrated and give up on his team..Only to be bailed out by Melo who hits a buzzer beater 3 to send the game to OT. Jordan delivers cold-blooded baskets in the final minute to seal the game in OT with Hakeem being named MVP in a dominate performance(34 pts 1st half).

Team MJ- 113

Team Lebron- 109

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Kaman at the perimeter? WTH?

Kaman at the perimeter? WTH? Why?

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1984 would win it all

simply because of having the goat and well having the dream dont hurt either lol

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He has a good midrange jumpshot, not like the 3 point line perimeter. And he isn't particularly physical down low.

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Very tough to decide between 03 and 84.......very tough. It's a toss up really.

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I'd love to see that 1984

I'd love to see that 1984 team play the 1986 team...

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1970 definitly has the most

1970 definitly has the most underrated draft of all time:

PG Nate Archibald

SG Pete Maravich

SF Rudy Tomjanovich

PF Dave Cowen

C Bob Lanier

Bench: Calvin Murphy, Geoff Petrie, John Johnson, Randy Smith, Dan Issel

Six Hall of Famers and the four other players on this team were multiple time All-Stars. I would definitly say that this team has more depth than any other team on this list.

The 1985 Draft was pretty sick too:

PG Terry Porter

SG Joe Dumars

SF Chris Mullin

PF Karl Malone

C Patrick Ewing

Bench: Michael Adams, Gerald Wilkins, Detlef Schrempf, Charles Oakley, Xavier McDaniel, AC Green

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1984 to beat 1987 1996 to

1984 to beat 1987

1996 to beat 2003

1984 to edge 1996

I know this team doesn't match up in any way to the others but 1999 wasn't a bad year:-

PG Baron Davis

SG Richard Hamilton

SF Ron Artest

PF Shawn Mariom

C Elton Brand

Bench from Manu Ginobli, Andre Miller, Wally Szczerbiak, Steve Francis, Lamar Odom, Jason Terry, Corey Margette

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i take 84 even before i

i take 84 even before i realized jordan was on the team

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