All SNUB teams

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All SNUB teams

1st Team-
Myck Kabongo
Seth Curry
James Southerland
C.J. Leslie
Jackie Carmichael

2nd Team-
Phil Pressey
B.J. Young
Adonis Thomas
Brandon Davies
Kenny Kadji

3rd Team-
Durand Scott
Khalif Wyatt
Robert Covington
Trevor Mbakwe
Dewayne Dedmon

Honorable Mention-
Jack Cooley
Richard Howell
Elias Harris
D.J. Stephens
Anthony Marshall

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My top ten undrafted players

My top ten undrafted players IMO

1. Jackie Carmichael
2. Myck Kabongo
3. Travis Releford
4. Vander Blue
5. Michael Snaer
6. Rodney Williams
7. DeWayne Dedmon
8. Anthony Marshall
9. D.J Stephens
10. Brandon Davies

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Travis Releford deserved to

Travis Releford deserved to be drafted based on his defense alone.

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I hope Lakers take a look at

I hope Lakers take a look at either Seth Curry or Kabongo. This draft may wind up better than many thought.

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hope the raps invite kabongo

hope the raps invite kabongo they are in need of a back up pg. i am surprised blue didnt get drafted seeing how well he played at the end of the season. those two guys i expect to be on a roster by october

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Kabango, Blue, Leslie, Curry,

Kabango, Blue, Leslie, Curry, and Thomas are my top 5 with a shout out to Alexandre Paranhos but I've never seen him play

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Lots of solid guys went

Lots of solid guys went undrafted. Fortunately, most of these guys will be invited to summer league rosters. Some of these undrafted guys have as good of a chance of making a team as some of the late second round picks.

Lots of Euros and international guys drafted since teams didn't want to pay a bunch of people. But, they still need to fill out rosters, so I can see them taking a long, hard look at a lot of these undrafted guys this summer.

Look for teams to round out there roster (roster spots 11-13) with younger guys on cheap, rookie deals rather than relatively expensive veterans.

I bet some of the teams that drafted late actually wants one of these guys but they draft a Euro instead so they have to bring a guy over in 2 years. Now, they can bring in the guy they want this summer. So they get two of the guys they want instead of just one of them.

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1 CJ Leslie
2 Jackie Carmichael
3 Myck Kabongo
4 BJ Young
5 DJ Stephens
6 Alexandre Parnhos
6 James Southerland
7 Seth Curry
8 Vander Blue
9 AJ Matthews
10 DeWayne Dedmon
11 Phil Pressey
12 Adonis Thomas
13 Richard Howell

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a lot of these dudes should

a lot of these dudes should of stayed in school

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No kidding. Myck Kabongo, CJ

No kidding. Myck Kabongo, CJ Leslie, Phil Pressey, Vander Blue, the list goes on.

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all of the guys mentioned on

all of the guys mentioned on this thread are really good. I was kinda surprised about Snaer though...even though he is a basic player, he is a high level defender and usually those guys get snatched up. Durand Scott is a REALLY good player. He is a guy who can do a lot of everything. So solid all-around.

Pressey and Thomas will definitely get a shot and Young is talented.

Who wouldve thought Leslie nor Kabongo would go undrafted. They surely will be on rosters soon.

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Leslie, Kabongo, Vander Blue

Leslie, Kabongo, Vander Blue and Southerland I figured would all get a look late but no dice

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Is going to the Celtics. I would have wanted Myck instead but I am not always right so we will see.

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