All-NBA Defensive Teams

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All-NBA Defensive Teams


Bledsoe, Smart, PG, Giannis & Gobert


Holiday, Thompson, Leonard, Green & Embiid

You can argue for Pat Bev & PJ Tucker, but Myles Turner not making any one of these teams is crazy. I’m confused how he didn’t get a spot smh.

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Either you think Myles Turner

Either you think Myles Turner is a much better defender than he is or you’re not giving Embiid and Gobert their due.

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So literally every defensive

So literally every defensive stats apart from defensive rebounds Myles was way ahead of Embiid.

Myles Joel
Def. Win Shares 4.4 3.8
Def. Box Score Plus Minus 4.7 2.1
Block % 8.4 (!) 4.4
Defensive Points Per Possession (lower is better) 0.822 0.882
Around Basket PPP (lower is better) 0.870 0.911
PnR PPP (lower is better) 0.743 0.867
Post Up PPP (lower is better) 0.843 0.911

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i think him and embiid are

i think him and embiid are arguable but its not a snub by any means. only 2 centers can make it

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Not sure how Holiday, Leonard

Not sure how Holiday, Leonard and Embiid made the cut. All great individual defenders but those 4 have glaring reasons not to be on the list. Cant think of a better candidate than Bledsoe of the top of my head but his defense doesnt strike me as all defensive either.

To not have Beverley 1st team is an absolute shame and mockery of the system. Could make a case for DPOY in my opinion. Holiday missed 15 games which is kinda acceptable but his team was amongst the worst defensively in the league and failed to make the playoffs.

Leonard missed 22 games. Id put Tucker in for him.

Embiid deserves to be on the team but Turner was just clearly better.

Those three defenitely got in because of their names.

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I'm a HUGE Kawhi fan BUT dude

I'm a HUGE Kawhi fan BUT dude missed too many games to be included on this list. He sat out every other game almost with "load maintaince" gives you an advantage against defenders if your not playing every game...

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Just cause I was curious,

Just cause I was curious, these would be the all-D teams based entirely on defensive win shares, per

1st team: Westbrook, Harden, George, Antetokounmpo, Drummond

2nd team: Bledsoe, Mitchell, Ingles, Thad Young, Gobert

But advanced stats, when it comes to defense, seem to have a major bias toward rim protectors, so I don't trust them as much as I do with offense.

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Kawhi just seems like a

Kawhi just seems like a reputation pick. Sure, when he’s truly engaged he might still be the best wing defender in the league, but he didn’t come close to really bringing the same defensive effort he has in years past. Plus he only played in 3/4 of the games.

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