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Just annouced.

First Team:

G Stephen Curry

G James Harden

F LeBron James

F Anthony Davis

C Marc Gasol

Second Team

G Chris Paul

G Russell Westbrook

F LaMarcus Aldridge

F DeMarcus Cousins

C Pau Gasol

Third Team

G Kyrie Irving

G Klay Thompson

F Tim Duncan

F Blake Griffin

C DeAndre Jordan


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John Wall

I would have put Wall over Irving. Wall had a great year averaging a double double plus he got second team all defense.

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Hard to argue with these

Hard to argue with these selections. I'd probably put Wall over Kyrie as well, but both had great seasons. One small thing that stood out to me was that Pau Gasol was considered a center and DeMarcus Cousins was considered a forward. Just a small detail that really doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but something that kind of surprised on how those players are viewed by the media.

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the voters seem to have

the voters seem to have gotten it right this complaints about this list..expect maybe you can make cases for jimmy butler & john wall on the 3rd team....

but once again it appears that players in the west has been dominating the mvp voting, all defense and all nba teams...

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With the year Russ had it is

With the year Russ had it is a shame he couldn't get a 1st team selection. I am not saying Harden or Curry shouldn't be on but this day and age when centers are becoming more and more scarce the NBA should look at taking 3 guards and 2 forwards or centers or 2 guards and 3 forwards or centers. Overall in my opinion this would only eliminate DeAndre in favor of Wall on the 3rd team. Drop the Gasol brothers each down a team and put Russ on the first team.

It would look more like this...

1st Team




F- James


2nd Team





C-Marc Gasol

3rd Team





C- Pau Gasol

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DeAndre Jordan

Ehh.. not to sure about putting DeAndre Jordan on the third team he had a good season, but not that good. Couldve made a case for Al Horford. Couldve at least gave Atlanta some well deserved love

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I'm confused

Do they form the teams specifically with the 2 guards, 2 forwards and 1 center model?

If so that seems wrong since they got rid of the center category for All Star Game voting.

Personally, I feel like the best 5 players should be first team regardless of their positions.

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I really hoped they could get

I really hoped they could get a Hawk in. My best bet was Millsap. I'd probably take Deandre out, move Duncan at C and insert Millsap at F for the 3rd team.

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It seems that the voting for

It seems that the voting for these are flawed, giving an advantage to guys that are listed at multiple positions on various ballots.

For example, guys like Duncan or Pau naturally get more votes than they might deserve compared to guys like Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge because they can receive votes as the PF or the C on these teams.

Having said that, these teams look pretty good to me. I probably would have put Griffin on the 2nd team over Pau, but pretty good job overall.

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I think Wall should've been

I think Wall should've been third team over Kyrie as well. Kyrie is an electric talent but I think Wall is just the better overall player. Also Wall averaged twice as many assists as Kyrie during the regular season and Kyrie was playing with Lebron. Kyrie technically should've averaged double digit assists playing with Lebron and Love. He's just a scoring point guard and not really a natural distributor which is just the way he plays. Wall averaged double digit assists easy and wasn't playing with guys as talented as Love and Lebron. In terms of defense, it's not even close. Wall is an elite defender and Kyrie is not even average yet. Maybe I'm just being a WIzards homer but when you look at the statistics and who each played with during the regular season, in my humble opinion, Wall is the superior player.

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I disagree

LeBron being on the team means that Kyrie will average less assists. He'll never be a double digits assists anyway, but when you have a 58 percent TS% it doesn't matter. Wall is a better passer, but he also has a very good team of players to pass to, with him being the primary distributor.

Wall is a great player, and a better defender, but saying he's outright better than Kyrie is a stretch. I think that to be a truly elite PG youve got to be able to take over a game with your scoring. Kyrie is a top 3 scorer in the world, average passer and is not an awful defender any more. Kyrie also always outplays John Wall in their head to head matchups.

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Wow the 1st two teams are

Wow the 1st two teams are almost exactly the same as my choices (except Pau was PF on my second team, and Cousins was C). For the third team I probably would have gone with Wall over Irving and maybe Millsap at forward, Duncan at C and Jordan off the team.

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Kawhi Leonard

How can the defensive player of the year not make at least the 3rd team? I would have had him ahead of Duncan and Jordan.

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