All injury-team

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All injury-team

Thought I would make an All-injury team. These are the guys that come back / miss games / comeback/ miss games. Frustrating players, you always cringe if you have them in your fantasy team. I have left certain players off like Oden, Roy(has no cartlidge in his knee) Yao, T-Mac

G Devin Harris - Is always missing games with a small injury, sore foot, sore hand, flu etc

G Baron Davis - Is a good player, quite often was a 20-7 guy but was always missing games. Then plays all 82 games in his contract year in 07/08 and gets rewarded with a big contract by the Clippers, then is back to his usual ways of missing games. He turned up out of shape with the Clippers and was never the player the Clippers expected

F Kevin Love - With the exception of 81 games as a rookie, he seems to have had a few different injuries over the past 3 seasons, plus this season.

F Gerald Wallace - My favourite player in the league. He plays hard and sacrifices his body alot. No wonder he misses games.

C Andrew Bynum / Andrew Bogut - no explaination needed

Honorable mention.....

Stephen Jackson

Eric Gordon - A great player but just can't seem to get healthy. He played 78 games as a rookie, but since then has prob missed more games than he has played in...

Kevin Martin

I am sure I have left out a couple of guys. Thoughts / comments

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Mo Williams

Mo Williams - always misses games here and there. Generally plays 60-70 games each season

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Brandan Wright when he was

Brandan Wright when he was with the Warriors. I don't actually recall watching him play in a GSW uni.

Honorable mention: Steph Curry with his damn ankles.

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You could make

a pretty good team with players that have missed most of this year.
PG - Rose
SG - EGordon
SF - Granger
PF - Amare
C - Bogut/Bynum

Love gets HM for missing time with a broken hand twice.

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If you are including

Guys who react like they had their leg blown off every time the had a slight sprain, I nominate Vince Carter during his Toronto days. He might not have been seriously injured but he sure acted the part.

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Injury Prone Draft Class

2008- Was thought to be one of the most talented draft classes in recent memory, but injuries have derailed the potential of this class

1. Gallinari
3. Gordon
4. Rose
5. Lopez

6th Man- Brandon Rush

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Eric Gordon.

Greg Oden... But in all for real I would have liked to see Eric Gordon go to the Suns strictly for their training staff. I've studied NASM, which Aaron Nelson practically wrote and it's really helped me out with my ailments. I guarantee he would have played more games than he has with the Hornets so far. Also it's worth the risk for the Suns to pick Oden up in the off season and see what they can do with him.

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