All Excitement Team

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All Excitement Team

If you had to pick a team of the most exciting players in NBA history, who would you pick?

For me I think I'll have some orthodox choices (guys who dunk it all day long) then some ones you may disagree with due to the fact I'm a sucker for flashy passes and athletic lay-ups and powerful - blocks or otherwise - which others don't seem to like as much which is sad.

PG: Allen Iverson
SG: Michael Jordan
SF: Julius Erving
PF: Larry Nance
C: Shaquille O'Neal
Rajon Rondo - PG
Jason Williams - PG
Vince Carter - SG
Dominique Wilkins - SF
Lebron James - SF
Blake Griffin - PF
Hakeem Olajuwon - C

A lot of guys I liked were snubbed, especially in the backcourt.

It'll be interesting to see other people's teams and preferences.

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I think for me... PG - Rose

I think for me...

PG - Rose (people seem to forget just how freaking explosive he was 2009-2011)
SG - Prime Kobe (I hate him but just an excitement machine, from dunks to ridiculous shooting streaks)
SF - Julius Erving
PF - Griffin
C - Shaq

This is pretty heavily based on the fact that I've only been watching bball since the 90s as well as some highlights. For a bench I include the likes of Carter, Westbrook, Gerald Green, Prime Wade, and maybe Kyrie but I'm a bit biased there :P

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PG - Iverson SG - V Carter SF

PG - Iverson
SG - V Carter
SF - T-Mac
PF - Griffin
C - Shaq

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Steve Francis is also up

Steve Francis is also up there.

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PG - IversonSG - David

PG - Iverson
SG - David Thompson
SF - Dominique Wilkins
PF - Blake Griffin
C - Shaq

T Mac
Vince Carter
Nate Robinson (Maybe a bit Bias as he is my favorite player)
I tried to be original, but David "SkyWalker" Thompson was my only original one.

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PG - isiah thomas SG -

PG - isiah thomas
SG - Stephen Jackson
SF - Metta World Peach
PF - Rasheed Wallace
C - Dennis Rodman

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Pg - Andre Miller SG - Ray

Pg - Andre Miller
SG - Ray Allen
SF- Tayshawn Prince
PF - Zach Randolph
C - Tim Duncan

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Pg- Steve Francis Sg - reggie

Pg- Steve Francis
Sg - reggie miller
Sf - Vince carter
Pf - shawn kemp
C - vlade divac

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lol let me try it's a funny tread

First All NBA Excitement Team

PG- Magic- a 6'9 player without athleticism and speed, but with amazing BBIQ, flashy passes and amazing fast breaks

SG- MJ- the best player i ever saw attacking the rim it was amazing and when he got better on the low post oh god unbeatable lol

SF- Dr.J- what to say about the player that was the man starting to use the above the rim game with finesse and art

PF- Kemp- Ridiculous Dunks

C- Hakeem- there is nothing wrong and more exciting to see and think what he is going to do now what counter move or way he is going to play with the defender

All NBA Second Team Excitement

SF- T-Mac
C- Shaq

honorable mention: Bob Cousy, Pistol Pete Maravich, Jason "white chocolate" Williams, David "skywalker" Thompson, Elgin Baylor, Dominique Wilkins, Clyde Drexler, Larry "the legend" Bird

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PG - Allen Iverson SG - Vince

PG - Allen Iverson
SG - Vince Carter
SF - Lebron James
PF - Shawn Kemp
C - (the obvious choice) Javale Mcgee!

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magic-rondo-rubio-kidd, m.

magic-rondo-rubio-kidd, m. jackson, nash
p gasol, mchale

as you can see, nothing gets me more then visionary asist or move. only young MJ tapes get me from high flayers. he was flying with style

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pg Jason Williams white

pg Jason Williams white chocolate!!
sg Vince Carter
sf Michael Jordan
pf- Shawn Kemp
C- Hakeem Olajuwon

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Just My Thoughts

The Human Highlight
The Doctor

Second Team'

White Chocolate
The Dream

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Omg I just made my self feel old!

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Mr.Clay ^

Thank You! I was just about to ask how no one has mentioned the Iceman Gervin yet.

I understand that MJ is in front of him, but he easily could make the bench in an all-excitement team.

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-Muggsy Bogues- Nothing is

-Muggsy Bogues- Nothing is more exiting than having a midget on the court.
-Mj- The most exiting player I've ever seen.
-Dominique Wilkens- Human highlight reel, top 5 dunker all time and a hell of a player.
-Charles Barkley (young version)- Not talking the round mound of rebound, but in his early days with the sixers he was one of the most explosive players I've ever seen.
-Mutombo- The only thing more exiting than a dunk is a blocked dunk ( and a little finger wag).

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Nice shout out to Larry Nance

Nice shout out to Larry Nance OP. Ppl always forget the guys from the strong Cavs teams of the early 90s.

My all-time team:

My old school team:

PG Earl Monroe

SG Pete Maravich

SF Julius Erving

PF Connie Hawkins

C Wilt Chamberlain

My team for the modern era (1985 on)

PG Magic Johnson

SG Michael Jordan

SF Lebron James

PF Charles Barkley

C Hakeem Olajuwon


Steve Nash
Allen Iverson
Vince Carter
Larry Bird
Kevin Garnett
Shaquille O'Neal
David Robinson

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Will try for some new names

Hard to argue a lot of these choices, but want to add a few names to the mix

PG Magic Johnson (A sublime passer)
SG Pete Maravich (an awesome mix of flash and technique)
C Javale McGhee (pure entertainment, if not for the reasons of the other players)
SF Dr J (a class act, with graceful hops)
PF Darryl Dawkins (a rim-rattler of the highest order)

PG Rafer 'Skip to my Lou' Alston (The herald of the And1 Generation)
SG Vince Carter (Jaw-dropping dunks during his early career)
C Wilt Chamberlain (not only an incredible talent, but once led the league in assists!)
SF Dominique Wilkins (one of the best offensive players of all time)
PF Blake Griffin (a one-man dunkfest)

Allen Iverson (a 6 foot wrecking ball)
Timmy Hardaway (the UTEP-2 STEP = one of the most awesome moves of all time)
Tracy McGrady (an incredible skill-set, my favourite player)
Darius Miles (would never want him on my team, but had a unique skillset)
Connie Hawkins (Dr J, before Dr J)
David Thompson (Skywalker lived up to his nickname)

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All Excitement

No Nash mentions?

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70's pg:Walt


pg:Walt Frazier
sg:Pistol Pete
sf: Dr. J
pf: Rick Barry
c:Darrell Dawkins



pg:Magic Johnson
sg:Micheal Jordan
sf:Dominique Wilkens
pf:Dennis Rodman
c: Olajuwon



pg:Penny Hardaway
sg:Micheal Jordan
sf: Scottie Pippen
pf:Charles Barkley
c: Shaq



pg:Jason Kidd
sg:Kobe Bryant
sf:Vince Carter
pf:Lebron James

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Exciting 5.

Rose ( 2011) Not a big fan but damn they way he got to the rim with such power and explosiveness.
Kobe( 02-06)His 40+ points in many consecutive games was amazing, 81 points.
Lebron- I remember watching every game during his first mvp season. So fun to watch him grow and Cavs go 66-16 that season. Dunk after dunk after dunk. When he got hot it was fun to watch.
Blake Griffin- This does not mean I think hes even close to the best PF right now but when it comes to excitement the dude is always on the espn 10 plays. Hes a highlight.
Shaq- Freak of nature with his size and athleticism. Could dominate a game or series when he was in his prime.

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I didn't know where to fit

I didn't know where to fit him on my five man team but another guy I love is Penny Hardaway. A young Grant Hill and Tmac

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To change it up

To change it up I limited myself to current players as they are. No "THIS GUY but in his prime"

PG: Rajon Rondo - Top 3 passer in the league, his passes(and sometimes fake passes) wind up on highlight reels
SG: Russell Westbrook - Thunderous dunker, incredibly explosive.
SF: LeBron James - Duh
PF: Blake Griffin - Monster dunker
C: Serge Ibaka - Purely for the blocks

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As of right now regardless of

As of right now regardless of position:

G - Steph Curry: Crossover, hesitation to the around the back dribble and then pull up from deep. He makes it look so easy. He's so much fun to watch.

G - D. Rose: Happy to hear he's now 100% because when healthy he's arguably the most exciting player to watch in the NBA. Love seeing him change directions, avoid defenders, attack the basket, shoot the floater and dunk over big men.

G - Russ Westbrook: He's wreckless, but it's so exciting to watch. I think he's the most freakishly explosive athlete in the NBA. I don't think anybody's first step is quicker.

G - Kobe: Even though he's past his prime, he's still producing major highlight reels. Love his skill set, footwork, confidence, etc.

F - Blake Griffin: Best in game dunker since Vince Carter IMO.

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