all defensive teams

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all defensive teams

as always, the NBA got it wrong this year also, why it's hard for them to came close with this subject? so disappointing... this is how it should have been:

first team:

Tony Allen, Andre Iguodala, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard

secont team:

Dwyane Wade, Arron Afflalo, Luol Deng, Josh Smith, Andrew Bynum/Tyson Chandler

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My first team Wade, Allen,

My first team

Wade, Allen, Grant Hill, Garnett, Howard

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Dwight, Dwight, Dwight,

Dwight, Dwight, Dwight, Dwight, Superman

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1st- Tony Allen, Keith Bogans, LeBron, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard

2nd- Wade, Afflalo, Grant Hill, Josh Smith, Kris Humpries

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A quick point

For the many people that think Derrick Rose still doesnt play good defense, he was one vote away from making the 2nd team. I agree with you Kobe shouldn't of made the 1st team. He still can play 1st team defense, but during the regular season he hardly played defense to the level he did in past years. He wasn't taking plays off or anything but his A game on defense was turned on mainly at the ends of games and not during his routine playing time like he normally did in his younger days. Still a great defender, but I would of gave 1st team to someone more deserving.

Luol Deng should of made 2nd team. He contributed more to the Bulls defense than Noah did, and Noah made it. He doesn't give you the blocks and the steals but anyone who watches the Bulls understand how important he is to the Bulls defense and I think he's the Bulls best defender.

Keith Bogans I believe doesnt deserve a spot just because he doesn't play enough minutes. Him and Brewer are both elite defenders in my eyes but because they split minutes neither one of them individually deserved to make the team.

Reputation has too much of an impact on regular season awards. The award is for regular season performance, not ability, not past defense. That's why I believe Kobe, although one of the best defenders, should of been replaced with someone who brought more energy to the court each night on the defensive end, someone who had the best defensive performance of the regular season, not someone like Kobe who has the best ability.

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Ty guys for putting the name of grant in the 2nd team, well deserved, defended every all stars an best scorers from the PG to the PF, from d-will to blake.

and still killin' many SF whose 15 years younger than him in the open court.


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