To All Carmelo to New York trade rejecters

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To All Carmelo to New York trade rejecters

The Knicks should let go of Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Landry Fields, Eddy Curry, and a 1st obtained in the Anthony Randolph deal for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups. Denver will also get another player from the Anthony Randolph deal

Gettin Chauncey Billups will give the Knicks about 16mil in CAP room in the off season plus the MLE. They alson have a mid 1st rounder coming since they will finish at most 5th in the East probably picking between 18 and 22.

Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire= Inside/Outside combo. 2 Perenial All Stars

Wilson Chandler- the Knicks will give Wilson the qualifying offer (5.5mil) like they did with Nate and David Lee maintaining his bird rights allowing them to sign

Marc Gasol at 5yrs/50mil Memphis isnt matching this with the money handed out to Gay/Conley and maybe Mayo. They could do a S&T and send back Mozgov to give Memphis a replacement.

The Knicks now need a PG to replace Billups and that man is Kemba Walker though he is similar to Toney Douglas last year Kemba ran the pure point role and he also plays aggressive defense.

The Final player they go after is with their MLE and that is a scoring Guard off the bench and a back up PG

they trade Toney Douglas to Cleveland for Ramon Sessions for Cap relief purposes and then sign Jamal Crawford at the MLE

With Ronnie Turiaf and Barron still on the roster they have depth inside and Landry Fields

2011-2012 New York Knicks

C- Marc Gasol-Earl Barron

F- Amar'e Stoudemire-Ronnie Turiaf

F- Carmelo Anthony-Wilson Chandler

G- Landry Fields-Jamal Crawford

G- Ramon Sessions-Kemba Walker

Melo/STAT/Gasol would be the best Frontline in the Conference

Fields would give them garbage man and high IQ player in the floor

Sessions and Walker are great PG's and will be solid not only offensively but defensively

Chandler/Crawford/Turiaf would be a great bench and Barron is a solid 4th BIG

STAT would only play the 4

This team has depth, offense, defense, rebounding and the mesh well together

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So the Grizzlies are going to

So the Grizzlies are going to trade Marc Gasol for Timofey Mozgoz?

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Im saying they probably wont match a huge offer since Conley and Rudy got big deals and OJ is great talent. Mozgov can be a replacement for Gasol NYC would be able to sign him outright anyway it was jus a scenario

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Tooooo unrealistic.... Cap

Tooooo unrealistic.... Cap wise and everything.

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If you can put out the cap

If you can put out the cap numbers, this may not be that bad.

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No Ray Felton has been just

No Ray Felton has been just as important to the Knicks success as Amare. ESPN and both have Ray and Amare about tied at the bottom 10 of the MVP race.

D'Antoni's system requieres a special PG, and a rookie can't come in and grasp it. Did you guys not notice how long it took Felton to get a good grasp on the system, he had a terrible pre-season and Felton is a smart, savvy vet, with Elite PG skills. They need to keep him and his Elite PG skills and his chemistry with Amare. Notice how many easy buckets a game Amare get's from Felton, they are not a product of the system, they are a product of Felton's passing and BB IQ.

And Marc Gasol is not leaving Memphis, they have already made it obvious they want to trade Randolph to resign Gasol. Plus you can't make a trade depending on a team not resigning a player in the off season, especially a team that had made all indications it wants to keep that player. Thabeet is on his way out of the league, and the draft is filled with PF's to groom to replace Randolph, plus they got Arthur who is still only 22 who could still prove to be a starter in the league, and they are asking for a young big in return for Mayo.

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That smart savvy vet youre

That smart savvy vet youre talking about is only 26 years old as well. He's younger, more durable, with upside. Why would we want Billups? The big man issue will have to wait. Carmelo should be the main focus. I don't know whats going to happen at all, so all I'll say is I hope a deal gets done. I'd prefer a deal done in the offseason, as the contract extention would take up a ton of money. I would personally offer Carmelo a 7 year guaranteed contract for less money a year if he agrees to wait, but I doubt it will happen.

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