Al Harrington Leaning towards the Wizards

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Al Harrington Leaning towards the Wizards

It looks like Al Harrington will sign with the Wizards.

Like Martell Webster this past season, Al Harrington has reportedly worked out in front of the Wizards brass and they apparently like what they saw.

Harrington is a year removed from averaging over 14 PPG, and will fill the stretch 4 void in Washington.

I personally love this signing.


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If Harrington can return to

If Harrington can return to form, he could really help Washington a lot. Like you said, he gives them the stretch 4 Wall coveted and is a good floor spacer offensively. He could run with a lineup featuring Beal, Webster, and Harrington to really open up Wall's lanes to the basket.

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All the wizards need..another

All the wizards need..another tweener

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I'd much rather not have have

I'd much rather not have have his inconsistency on this Wizards team trying to make the playoffs

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While this is good news for

While this is good news for the Wizards fanbase, I can't help but be a little disappointed as a Spurs fan because this makes our pursuit of Ariza a little more difficult :P
i do think the Wiz have a great shot at a #6 seed with this signing however.

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only #6?? I tihkn they have a solid shot at 5, the Knicks sucks, they rely on the 3pt line and they got older + Smith is injured.. I can see the Wiz taking their spot

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So the Knicks lost Kidd,

So the Knicks lost Kidd, Camby, Kurt Thomas and Sheed but some how u think they got older ??????

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Technically the Knicks did

Technically the Knicks did get older, across the board. Every single player on their roster is at least a year older than they were at the start of last season. Besides, their age is irrelevant , because they just aren't any good. Bunch of selfish shot takers. They were only as good as they were last year because of those "old guys" they lost this offseason. They have no leadership and no shot at making any noise. Knicks fans again, denial.

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Al Harrington? I thought

Al Harrington? I thought maybe the Wizards had learned something. But they haven't. The guy scores points because he takes shots. He doesn't make shots. He just takes them.

I think the Wizards should make the playoffs this year. But this isn't going to help.

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