Adidas Basketball Uniforms

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Adidas Basketball Uniforms

I'm not sure if someone has posted about this but watching the Louisville and Notre Dame game and these Adidas uniforms are pretty bad IMO. Especially Notre Dame with the lime green and those designs on the shorts, may be just me but not liking these uniforms. Here they are

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This was posted a long time

This was posted a long time ago...

I don't think they would be that bad if it wasn't for the jerseys not matching the camo shorts

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You're right these are pretty

You're right these are pretty bad, The design on the shorts don't match at all with the jerseys. And you're right, the lime green just looks really weird.

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I'd like them if they didn't

I'd like them if they didn't have those camo shorts. I'm also not really a fan of jerseys having sleeves.

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i actually like them....*neg

i actually like them....*neg universal because he's 'different'"

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Theyre Zubas,Genie

Theyre Zubas,Genie pants,Hammer pants in shorts form...They look horrible,but thats the point!...I guess... I honestly dont know what Adidas is thinking

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Adidas is desperate, as they

Adidas is desperate, as they are obviously the #3 athletic apperal brand overall behind Nike and Under Armor.

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I personally think they are

I personally think they are decent, I wouldnt want them to be worn regularly, but ocasionally or just for the conference tournaments and maybe the first weekend of the tournament, but preferably not in the NCAA tournament. I wouldn't want to see them in the final four though especially on a team like UCLA who has a lot of history and their uniform haven't really changed in their history

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