A.D supposed desired package.

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A.D supposed desired package.

So the pelicans supposed desired package has been put out there:

They apparently want a 3 team trade somehow.

1 x Allstar level player.

1 x Potential Allstar level player. If healthy: Taytum,Ball,Ingram,Kuzma,Brown


Draft picks at least 1-2 first rounders or more depending on if teams cant get both of above criteria more picks apparently.. 4th(lakers) or 3rd(knicks) being highest in this draft

Personally I don't know how the can legit get a 3 team trade done with the list of potential suitors: Celtics,Lakers,Clippers(probably least likely as they won't give up SGA),Knicks,Nets and some wild card teams that may try pull a Kawhi/PG type trade..

So I guess the question for everyone is this:

Who will be the third team that these teams use to get an Allstar level talent to get A.D trade done and who will be the Allstar level player?

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The reports out there are

The reports out there are saying theyll accept lesser players if they come with better draft picks, but if the draft picks are worse they expect them to come with all stars.

Before I go further, I hate that this this sook demands to go to LA or New York now. You look at Kawhi and how a professional elite player can really just make it work no matter what happens. This guy doesn't have that in him for mine. That's why the former #15 overall pick who was handed nothing is going to have his 2nd finals MVP shortly, while this former #1 overall was given everything and only has one eyebrow to show for it. Send him to New York - they won't have Durant for at least a year. He can enjoy the lottery and weather as cold as the fans' hearts.

Anyway, getting to the third team.. a few all star/near all star level options that may get moved, a few well paid starters who may opt in and others who may be available thru sign and trade:

Spurs - DeRozan
Wiz - Beal
Blazers - McCullom
Celtics - Tatum, Brown, Hayward, Horford
Thunder - Adams, Russ?
Rockets - Capela
Nets - D-Lo, Levert
Suns - Booker
Hornets - Walker
Magic - Vucevic
Heat - Whiteside
Nugs - Millsap
Sixers - Harris, Simmons, Butler
Cavs - Love
Wolves - Wiggins
Griz - Conley
Bucks - Brogdon, Middleton
Warriors - Boogie

Thats a long list, but not too long really when I think i may have exhausted the level of talent available.

I hope the Pels just get someone willing to gamble straight up. They deserve a better package. LA and New York should not be supported in selling their overvalued shit to anyone.

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How has he been given everything?

AD has been carrying that franchise since the day he got there. They haven't been able to build a decent team around him, ever.

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Ive always liked anthony

Ive always liked anthony davis since his high school days but yes like you I am frustrated at him wanting to go to an attention seeking big city like NY or LA.

Does he not want to compete for a championship ?

Maybe its just me, but with all the attention of being an NBA star everywhere you go, for me personally I would like somewhere nice and quiet to relax and enjoy my down time - get a 10-100 acre property outside of the city and just relax away from the game.

As soon as you get near the arena, fans and media will flock to you

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AD is worth way more than the

AD is worth way more than the Pelicans will get for him. He’s used his leverage right.

The Nets were talking about ridding themselves of D’Angelo Russell to make way for Kyrie Irving and, potentially, others. Getting the Nets involved in a sign and trade to the Pelicans is a good move. Instead of giving up Russell for nothing, they could come up with Kyle Kuzma for only $1 mil a year. But I’m not sure Russell would be up for it.

I would not trade Tatum for him because the Celtics don’t have to, even if AD’s worth it. Brandon Ingram same thing. Heck, I’m not sure about Jaylen Brown.

I think that the Pelicans were insane for not taking last year’s package from LA. They’ll get nothing close to it. Griffin’s request sounds like about what they should expect. He seems like a realist. I like that they want an all-star because I think Zion will be pretty NBA ready on day 1: more than most rookies we’ll see.

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Dreaming, you never get packages like that!

Leonard didn't cost that, not even close. Like no one trades an all-star and a young player with all-star upside, plus two first round picks. Like the Irving deal got the Cavs an injured all-star, solid starter, decent young big and a good draft pick for two years of Irving.

You have to pick All-Star or a young guy like Tatum which I don't think they can even get. I wouldn't trade him plus a lot more for Davis, not with only one year remaining on his deal and the fact he wants to reach free agency.

I go to the Lakers and hope I can get that deal they offered or hope the Knicks offer basically everything they have. Then trade Holiday and your on the way to a nice rebuild.

Like I think the Spurs blew it trading Leonard by having to get a good Veteran. How did that work out?

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Kawhi Leonard has a very good

Kawhi Leonard has a very good chance of staying just like Paul George did. Maybe that's why the Pelicans chose teams Anthony Davis is willing to play for because they would be more likely to give up better assets. I don't think the Pelicans will get anything close to that but if you're one of those big name teams would you risk losing a chance with Anthony Davis?

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Didn't I tell everyone here the longer they waited, the less leverage they'd have.. They should have taken the Lakers package at the deadline.. If Pelinka's smart, he's not giving them the same offer.

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Didn't I tell everyone here the longer they waited, the less leverage they'd have.. They should have taken the Lakers package at the deadline.. If Pelinka's smart, he's not giving them the same offer.

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Few teams have an All Star

Few teams have an All Star level player that they could give up for AD and still have another top guy left they could pair him with.

As his contract runs down then NOP's leverage becomes less, I wonder if some of the teams may play a waiting game as next season progresses to try and get AD for a cheaper deal or even just wait for him to enter FA,

I still think that the Pels should put that supermax before him and do a deal that if he agrees to sign it then after a year or when he is able to be traded after signing it that if he asks for a trade then they will facilitate it to a team of his choice. AD gets his mega deal and a move plus the super max locks him down for a further 5 years when he'd be 27 to 32 and thus his likely prime years, so any team taking him know they have him for this period so NOP gets a far better return.

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