Abdel Nader

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Abdel Nader

Wanted some feedback from Boston fans on Abdel Nader..watched a lot of highlights on YouTube and he looks like a good pick up via eye test for okc. he’s a smooth forward can shoot it, get past slower guys and also block shots. He does a lot of the same things and is similar to Kuzma imo.. will he make the rotation?

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Will be real tough for him to

Will be real tough for him to make that rotation..he plays SF, they're deep in that position. He average 10 minutes on a Thunder team that wasn't that deep..I don't see him getting more then that in Boston.

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He was in Boston last year

He was in Boston last year and is now with OKC. He should get a chance to see what he can do In OKC. Solid.

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Nader seemed like a decent

Nader seemed like a decent find after his first summer league where he had a knack for scoring particularly on drives and spot up 3's. From my understanding he was drafted in 2016 on the agreement that he would be a domestic draft and stash for a year before signing with the Celtics. I mention that because he was not good during the preseason last year and was outplayed by Jabari Bird. I think the Celtics had to maintain their relationship with the agent and held up their end by signing to a contract.

During the year he got opportunities to play either through injuries or Stevens looking for a spark off the bench. Idk if the game was moving too fast for him but most of the time he struggled with decision making on both ends of the court. He would consistently miss the extra pass when the ball was swinging around the 3pt line. Nader also couldn't replicate that success he had attacking the rim in the 2016 summer league. But the biggest thing holding him back from being in an NBA rotation is his bad defense. Guys would easily blow past him when he was the primary defender. Then when he was off the ball a lot of the time he wouldn't rotate properly.

Nader will be fine as a cheap end of the bench guy but unless he improves on the flaws he showed last year I wouldn't expect him to see minutes in the regular rotation.

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SF not PF

If you need depth he might be OK at the end of your bench. I wasn't highly impressed given his age. Maybe he just needed a year, but he'll likely be playing overseas rather soon.

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should be hell of a fight

should be hell of a fight between him and Kyle Singler for the third string SF spot...

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LOL. Whoever brought donuts

LOL. Whoever brought donuts at the teams last practice gets the 3 minutes of garbage time.

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I think i read somewhere that

I think i read somewhere that they were probably going to let Singler go

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You guys need to keep up to

He's crap in case you were wondering. He's not an NBA level player

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Its a hard one to fully gauge...

Spots up for grabs:

Starting SG(until roberson is 100% and able to beat the temp replacement).

Bench PF,Sf,SG....Dennis S and Nerlens Noel should lock up pg and C everything else should be up for grabs to who will get mins...For example I could see Donovan riding this bench lineup at least at 1 point:

C)Noel,PF)Nader,SF)Terrance f, Sg)Dialo/Abrines and PG) Dennis S or Ray Felton if Dennis has jail issues...

Personally I don't know if he will crack our rotations unless a trade happens...I could see Abrines or Patterson maybe being moved for maybe a longer term deal and to open up mins for 1 or 2 of Nader,TLC,Terrance f or Dialo....

But Donovans rotations you never know who will get mins.

If I am judging him solely off highlights(as didn't follow him): He looks like likes to shot/willing shooter and could be a willing cutter thats about it...I can't tell about Defense just yet..


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Grant is off the benh

PPatt is starting, he spaces the floor better and will need less to be effective than Grant. Grant isn’t needed in the starting line up, he’s coming on with Schroder

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Not a very good NBA player

Nader is like the AAA dude you love that bats .340 with 40 home runs but goes up to the big leagues and strikes out 4 times a game... He may possibly be the bets G League and worst NBA player at the same time. Can't defend, lackadaisical with the ball, inconsistent (but not horrible) shooter, and worst is hes an extremely unwilling passer basically looking to shoot/drive as soon as he touches it every time.

One thing about him that is positive if he can change his bad habits... he's agressive. He could be a solid 10th or 11th man, come in and give some scoring punch, if he can learn to limit his liabilities. Think of him as a much less athletic and less skilled Gerald Green and you're looking at his ceiling.

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