76ers' Potential Moves

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76ers' Potential Moves

I've been following the 76ers for a long time and have gone through the ups and the downs involved over the years. I'll try to be quick and to the point. I wish Sam Henke was still GM. He showed a shroudness unlike any GM we have had at getting deals done that fit our trajectory. We will be seeing the benefits of his work for years to come. Secondly, I realize it would be best to trade a big, but it would be prudent to only trade Okafor or Noel IF (big IF) we get back a likely high first round pick. Anything else, like say a player not named Westbrook or Griffin, then don't do the deal and hang on to both and let them play together. Embroidered will be on minutes-restriction and Saric will still be adjusting to the NBA. Simmons will be a sf in the same sense that Lebron is. He is too nimble and passing-gifted to stick in the paint. Finally, we don't have space to add another player. We won't cure all our weaknesses in one offseason - yes, we need a top notch pg and top notch sg but they will more than likely come in the draft - hello Fultz or Ball! I don't like the idea of cutting McConnell or Hollis Thompson nor Stauskus (although it seems like he is on shaky ground). If we add another player via trade, one of them is gone. Acceptable scenario would be Noel and Covington to Minny for their '17 1st unprotected and Tyus Jones or Noel to the Celtics for their '17 1st from Brooklyn. Keep Okafor.

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