7 Things to Chew On

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7 Things to Chew On

1) Gerald Wallace has been beyond terrible this year... I came in expecting him to be the x-factor that would put Brooklyn into a top 3 seed in the East but he's been atrocious. I knew he'd get less shots but I still imagined 11 and 6 would be a decent line for him. Instead he's posting 7.8 ppg, 4.7 rpg on 40% shooting, 29% from deep and 65% from the free throw line...Brooklyn doesnt really have any other option at the 3 spot unless the move Joe Johnson there and go a bit smaller...If an opposing team can take away 1 of the Nets 3 options they'll have a good chance at beating them in the playoffs

2) Brandon Knight is NOT the future PG for the Detroit Pistons...I've never been a fan and he hasn't improved since coming into the league...He's a solid combo guard off the pine for a decent team but he's not starting quality for a contender...I think Detroit has a very solid future in the frontcourt with Monroe and Drummond but their PG, SG, and SF spots need to be completely renovated. Stuckey needs to go - he's been a cancer, Brandon Knight can come off the bench, Singler is nice off the bench too..Detroit has a lot of options in this year's draft - they could go with a wing (Shabazz, GR3) or take the PG of the future (marcus smart should they get a top 3 spot, or Burke if they end up picking 5-8)

3) I want to point out 5 players that are being underappreciated for their contributions on the season:
C - Larry Sanders - averaging 10, 10, and 3 while shooting 51% from the field
PF-Tristan Thompson - coming on as of late, averaging 16.2 ppg, 11.2 rpg on 46% in the past 5 games
SF- Jimmy Butler - Jimmy has been getting some recognition but not enough. 17 and 6 in 44 mpg over his past 5? Incredible!
SG- Klay Thompson, averaging 16 and 4 on 40% shooting from deep this year
PG- Deron Williams - quietly putting together a standard D WILL season averaging 19, 8 and 3

4) Orlando has the potential to be very good in 2 seasons if they can get some youth in the backcourt because Vucevic, Harris and Harkless have all emerged as legitimate NBA starters. I also like Jacque Vaughn as a coach. He's doing what Ty Corbin should have been doing - benching the vets and giving the young guys minutes. Utah just had another season where they won nothing and their young guys rode the pine.

5) Don't read too much into the Spurs loss last night, they played without Parker and Ginobili and Duncan and Leonard only played 27 and 29 minutes respectively. Plus they came back in the 4th with the following lineup on the court - Aron Baynes, DeJuan Blair, Leonard, Gary Neal and Nando De Colo

6) Five disappointing Rookies
Thomas Robinson - for a guy who was 'nba ready' coming out, he's really been given a long leash
Austin Rivers - one of the worst seasons you could possibly think of (37, 32, 55) were his percentages shooting the ball
Fab Melo - the Celtics desperately need size and Melo hasn't helped..Played in just 5 games
Royce White - need I say more? ...
Miles Plumlee - the impact he's made has been so minimal I think Mason has made just as big of an impact for Indy this past season...Marshall too for that matter

7) Five exciting Rookies
Dame Lillard - Watching him play you cant help but get excited about his potential - even through all of the stupid rookie mistakes he makes...He still has so much going for him
Anthony Davis - His confidence has increased and hes 15-20 lbs away from being very good
Jared Sullinger - I know hes out with the back injury but he was playing very well for Boston - not doing anything outside of his capabilities and really playing with intensity
Dion Waiters - his craftiness is evident, he can score, and hes a future 6th man of the year
Andre Drummond- Ive just fallen in love with his efficiency, athleticism, and potential..havent you?

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Thank you for not going with

Thank you for not going with 8. Also, great post.

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A few things I'd like to add

A few things I'd like to add to your points:

Another guy that has been underappreciated is Kenneth Faried, no his numbers aren't crazy but 11.7 PPG on 55 FG%, 9.3 RPG, 1 SPG and 1.1 BPG have been essential for an impressive Nuggets squad. And the motor and energy he brings to the court can't be quantified.

Anthony Davis - Some people have shown disappointment in Davis's play as a rookie, but somewhat shockingly his PER of 21.7 is actually 14th in the league! Davis is a very efficient player for such a young guy, doesn't take bad shots, doesn't commit needless fouls, or turn the ball over much. Once he adds a bit of weight, plays 35+ MPG, and gets more assertive on offense he's going to be a special player, Team USA by 2016 IMO.

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I agree with all of your "Things to Chew On" but I disagree on Vaughn. He is doing something that most rebuilding teams should do (playing the young players legit minutes) but I do not like him as a head coach. Would love for him to be my assistant coach though.

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Did anyone really expect

Did anyone really expect Miles Plumlee to make an impact this season, though. I threw something at my TV when they drafted him, so needless to say I didn't expect much to begin with.

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Calling it right now

Calling it right now, Nikola Vucevic will be a top three Center in the league one day and a future allstar. At 22 he's already one of the best rebounders in the league averaging 11.9rpg (league second) with 3.5 (league sixth) being offensive rebounds in just 33 minutes. Don't be distracted by his team's record because this is a guy who is 7'0" with a 7'5" wingspan along with a 9'5" standing reach, he's physically perfect for the Center position. He's in unbelievably good shape boasting an incredible 6.1% body fat. He's also one of the best shooting bigman around, he makes 42% of his midrange shots which is an amazing percentage to get from your Center. He's still learning to be effective with his back to the basket, if he could develop a solid post game to go with his current face-up qualities, I can see him averaging around 18ppg and 13rpg. I'm a big believer in this kid.

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