5 teams to watch

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5 teams to watch

With the season a few months away, if you had to choose 5 teams to watch throughout the season, who would they be?

My list:

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Rockets Warriors Cavs Blazers


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well excluding my favorite

well excluding my favorite team, I would say:

1-warriors, I think this team has to make everyone's top 5 list. SO much offensive talent and fun as hell to watch.

2- rockets, im rooting against this team since Dwight went there, but I really am curious as to how it works out for them. Was pulling hard for harden last year since I thought the thunder went brain dead in letting him go. But now, even rooting against them, it should be fun to watch.

3-heat, best team in the league and best player in the league. Plus its fun watching them just because you know they will get everyone's best shot and we can see how all other contenders/pretenders matchup vs the champs.

4- pacers, loved what I saw last playoffs. Big fan of paul George and hope to see him continue to emerge (come back to LA paul). Also like the toughness of this team. They weren't afraid of Miami and the bigs go right at you. Plus Stephenson is one of the few guys that had LeBron back pedaling and respecting every single dribble. Lebron can get up and harass most guys but he respected the hell out of lance when he had the rock knowing he could cross him over. Really like this team and am pulling for them to emerge from the east this year.

5-wolves, don't like the wolves and I want to see them struggle. BUt in love, dwill, bazz and lee, they have 4 pac 12 guys that I love to root for and hope all play great this year individually.

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Warriors-They will be even

Warriors-They will be even more fun to watch this year with the addition of Iggy in the open court.

Bulls- Derrick Rose was probably my favorite player to watch before his injury so it will be awesome to see him back in action.

Heat-I hate them...but I still love to watch them...can LeBron top his incredible season?

Rockets- They were fun to watch before adding Dwight so I would imagine they will be exciting again.

Pelicans-I was going to go with the Clippers but I know what to expect from them...NOLA is much more of a question mark and adding Evans and Holiday gives them two great ball handlers to get into the lane and lob it up to the Brow.

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jazz wolves cavs pelicans mag


id like to see how much their young guys improve

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Excluding my favourite BOSTON

1. Cavs 2. Warriors 3. Wolves 4. Trailblazers 5. Spurs (nothing really changed there, I just like them).

I also predict that Bucks will be out of the playoffs, Lakers too, and see Denver,Memphis and New York weaker than last season but still able to make the postseason.
I'm not that much into the hype regarding Rockets and Nets I don't see them as contenders yet.

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Top 5

Miami best player in the world
Utah their my Jazz
Houston Love watching the beard
Golden State they are going to be fun to watch
laker who doesn't loce watching a train wreck

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Chicago - Favorite

Chicago - Favorite team
Warriors - Fun to watch and favorite player (Iguodala)
Blazers - Up and coming, love watching Batum and Lillard
Thunder - Durant...
Pistons - Excited to see how Drummond's progressed and if he can take that next step

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Raptors - Homer pick, home

Raptors - Homer pick, home town team, progression of Jonas Valuncinas.

Heat - Most talented team, can they 3 peat?

Nets - New roster, new title contender in East, fav player (KG)

Bulls - #thereturn

Cavs - Team Canada south

Honorable mentions - Thunder, Rockets, Warriors, Clippers

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Mavericks- my team, dirk ,my

Mavericks- my team, dirk ,my favorite player, will be gone but they have some old and proven vets they maybe can trade in upcoming years, and Mark Cuban is the best owner in the league what else bruh?

Bulls- Drose will be there doing what he does hopefully healthy for years to come. Noah, Deng, Boozer never backing down from lebron, and the young gun butler. They play tough, and never back down as a group. I respect the hell out of their heart and chemistry.

Knicks- would have put GS here, but there is too many that already have them on notice, so no need for me to state the obvious. The Knicks will definitely be in the top 5-4 spot for years to come. The knicks i am sure will try their best to keep melo, top 3 clutch performers of this era, with bargnani if he plays like he can. They also have chandler who i love to watch be solid and at the same time every minute he is on the floor i wait to see the all star player people label him as. Center version of avery bradley. Also love jr smith, always ready to watch him come out as jekel or hyde. Either way i know I am always waiting to see if the knicks can come back in any game from any amount just by getting hot from 3.

Wizards- They have a lot of solid pieces that seem to just fit, led by the engine that never stops in john wall. He isnt the scorer that some pgs are, well if you can even call them pgs, but he can pass better than most in this league, and his will to win is stronger than most pgs as well. I hope beal turns into the shooter and scorer they need him to be. I cant wait to see their style and fight in the playoffs, and Wall zooming by the other all star guards in the East.

Toss up between Blazers and Wolves. Blazers have Aldridge and Lillard and a couple supporting cast members who are definitely talented. The Wolves have Love and Rubio who I both like. Pretty much the same scenario with both. They both have young pgs who can play, Lillards should improve on D and up his assists while Rubio should improve his jump shot. The biggest hope for me is for the 2 dominant big men to finally be in the playoffs. They get so much attention and respect its hard to watch them be left out the playoffs year after year.

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Strictly Regular Season

1. Houston Rockets- My two favorite positions to watch in the league are Centers and Point Guards. With the dearth of Centers in the league today it's hard for me to watch my favorite position. A completely healthy and motivated Dwight Howard is worth putting this team #1 (mainly because I've seen enough of LeBron that I can wait until the playoffs). James Harden is a player I like watching as well. They have mildly interesting depth as they can legitimately throw out a Lin-Anderson-Jones-Smith-Asik 5 out there (I think Montiejunas is the ideal compliment to Howard and Harden).

2. Oklahoma City Thunder- This starts my "I didn't even realized I liked the Northwest Division so much" run. I want to see Durant take that next step into becoming a Jordan-esque scorer this season. Without Kevin Martin he's the only one left that can reliably hit long range jumpers. Westbrook is one of my favorite athletes and can push for triple doubles every game. Channel your inner LeBron, West. The rest of the want to watch this team is for its young bench. Will Lamb step up as a 6th man this year? Will Perry Jones become a KD Lite? Can Andre Roberson average 10 rebounds a game off of the bench? Will Steven Adams even see the floor? I'm in.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers- They have interesting players at every position almost two deep. Kyrie Irving is possibly the best in the league from perimeter to rim, so there's that. Dion Waiters' development will be closely monitored as wil Tristan Thompson's. Andrew Bynum may not even need to return to form but it will be interesting to see how he meshes with this group. Assuming Alonzo Gee starts, the bench in Cleveland is intriguing as well and it starts with Anthony Bennett. Can he dominate second units offensively is what I'll be watching for. I was a big fan of Tyler Zeller's coming out of NC so watching his development will be a must. They also added Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark as well.

4. Portland Trailblazers- Again, with the lack of Centers in the game I have to improvise. Lamarcus Aldridge is the second best PF to me in the game, with only Kevin Love surpassing him. He has beautiful touch in the mid range game and has near elite post footwork. Lillard and Batum are also two to keep a close eye. I heard Batum's stock went down at the end of last season but that he also had an injury. Lets hope he keeps improving instead of becoming the league's most expensive 3&D player. What pushes them in the top 5 though is their depth, with Thomas Robinson, Will Barton, and Meyers Leonard all in the mix with the second unit.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves- Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, and Derrick Williams. The headline players are the three impactful reasons I'd make them my fifth team. Rubio's a savant, Derrick Williams should start dominating, and Inwan to see a 30-30 game. But that's not all as they still have Pek, brought in Kevin Martin, paid to keep Budinger, and drafted Muhammad and Dieng. This team will be fun to watch for all 82.

Honorable Mention: Detroit Pistons, LA Clippers, Boston Celtics

Pistons- I like watching Centers and the Pistons have two high caliber ones in Monroe and Drummond. I also want to see how the Italian kid plays.

Clippers- Mixing great PG play with post footwork. I also want to understand what makes Chris Paul so good before I start calling him overrated.

Boston Celtics- My favorite player in the league, the best passer in the league, and a walking triple double. I feel like this is a mistake seeing that he wants to prove now that KG, Doc, Pierce, and Ray are gone that he's truly a franchise guy. He can be transcendent this year if he doesn't make it the Rajon Rondo Show. The second he waves off Brad Stevens is when he needs to be traded and that pipe dream is over. But if he doesn't, you're legitamately looking at 17ppg (shot over 50% from 16-23), 11apg, 5rbg, 2 steals, on 50% shooting. With this stats and a surprise trip to the playoffs, Rondo could snag All-NBA first team honors and, possibly, the MVP.

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1. Pacers - I can't remember

1. Pacers - I can't remember the last time I was this excited heading into a season as a Pacers fan. Paul George should solidify himself as a legit All-Star caliber player this season. Danny Granger returns. Lance Stephenson will be a year better and in a contract year. While no sexy moves were made, the bench was improved. The Pacers have been on the up the last few seasons getting better each season. The next level is the NBA Finals.

2. Pelicans - Eric Gordon will finally be 100% healthy, plus I'm interested in seeing how the unit meshes with Gordon, Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans, Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson.

3. Bulls - Derrick Rose returns. I've been waiting over a year.

4. Warriors - I love their team. I love their crowd. I think Stephen Curry is one of the more exciting players to watch in the NBA. They lost two key players in Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry, but Andre Iguodala was a huge pickup.

5. Rockets - Dwight Howard will be in year two of his back surgery and I'm fully expecting James Harden to take his game up another notch next season.

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5 Teams

I think Heat, Rockets, & Warriors will be on most list

My other 2 would be Pelicans & Clippers

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